Remember When? Sesame Street and A Muppet Family Christmas

December 18, 2014 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

There are a lot of classic TV Christmas specials. But as a Muppets fan who grew up in the 1980s, there was no television event that better defined most of my childhood than 1987’s A Muppet Family Christmas. In the course of just one hour, all of my favorite Muppets converged on Fozzie Bear’s mother’s farm house for a traditional holiday get-together. They watched home movies of them as Muppet Babies. Kermit and his nephew explored a cave in the basement and met the Fraggles. Just about everyone slipped and fell on an icy patch at the front door – a classic slapstick running joke that never got old.

Then, the ultimate convergence of Muppetry occurred – carolers were heard outside and who could it be? The entire cast of Sesame Street! As Big Bird, Oscar, The Count, the Two-Headed Monster and just about every other resident of Sesame Street mingled and partied with Animal, Gonzo and the Swedish Chef, my then 8-year-old mind was blown!

Here is the video from that great moment in Muppets and Sesame Street history, including Ernie and Bert’s introduction to Doc from Fraggle Rock. “Hey, what is this?,” Doc asks the orange and yellow buddies as they tell him Doc starts with “D” and “Yes” starts with “Y.” “Where we come from, this is small talk.” Happy holidays!

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