Reinventing the Ukulele

May 6, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Watch Jake Shimabukuro – Life on Four Strings at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 6 on Wisconsin Public Television.

What image comes to mind when someone mentions the ukulele? Likely it conjures up  sweetly strummed novelty songs like Tiny Bubbles…

Jake Shimabukuro has devoted his career to breaking all those expectations of the small four-stringed instrument. The ukulele might be diminutive in size, but in Jake’s hands the sound and melodies produced are remarkable. Take this performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as an example. It is lush, layered and the picking is intricately beautiful.

Pair that kind of performance with Shimabukuro’s beaming personality and you have the formula for an artist who finds himself selling out concert halls around the world with an unexpected instrument.

Tune in to Life on Four Strings Tuesday night to meet Jake Shimabukuro, learn his story and understand the passion he has for the music he creates and his own Hawaiian heritage.

Watch the film’s trailer now.

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