Q&A: Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin

October 20, 2016 Susannah Brooks Leave a Comment

“Quilting is so much more than making a bed quilt to keep someone warm,” says Nancy Zieman. The longtime host of Sewing With Nancy is excited to present the new Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin special, premiering Tuesday, Nov. 29. at 7 p.m.

Read on to see why and how this unique program came to be.

How did this special come about?

Quilt Expo, held each September, brings to light the rich history and culture of quilting in our state. The quilts at the show are beautiful. We heard many of the stories behind the quilts and knew that we had to share them with our viewers.

How does it differ from your weekly program?

Sewing With Nancy is technique-based: how to quilt, how to sew. Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin focuses on the “why” behind the end result. I know quilters and non-quilters alike will enjoy the insightful look behind the scenes of this generally solitary process.

We will also visit many of the featured quilters’ homes. Sewing in a bedroom corner or working from a dedicated studio, quilters create meaningful quilts in all types of environments.

You’ve been part of the WPT family for many years. What kinds of things still manage to surprise you?

Bruce Seeds, with his quilt "The Force"

Bruce Seeds, with his quilt “The Force”

Many non-quilters think that there is a common recipe for quilting – resulting in “cookie cutter” quilts. It continues to amaze me that quilters each have a signature look, whether a beginner or experienced in the craft. No two quilt projects look alike. In a sense, quilting is a person’s fingerprint, giving an inside look at their personality.

How have viewers reacted so far?

At the end of my Quilt Expo lectures, we showed a short clip featuring landscape quilter Natalie Sewell. Each time the clip concluded, a collective “wow” whispered throughout the audience.

Quilting is more than an art or craft; the process is filled with emotion. This program focuses on the personal side of quilting, hearing these stories from the creators themselves.

Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin is eye-opening; it will bring quilts to life. It shows that there is more to quilting than sewing two pieces of fabric together – much more!

Detail from Bruce Seeds' quilt "The Force" - note the action figure fabric used!

Detail from Bruce Seeds’ quilt “The Force” – note the action figure fabric!

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