Preview: 2016 Wisconsin Film Festival

April 13, 2016 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Director’s Cut is back and we once again kick off our season with our annual Wisconsin Film Festival Episode 2016. After talking with Program Director Jim Healy, it’s obvious that the indie film scene is alive and well here in Wisconsin. Jim has been programming the Wisconsin Film Festival for almost a decade, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a bigger film enthusiast. His energy for the festival and film in general is infectious. 

Besides showing you wide variety of clips from domestic and international films at this year’s festival, I also had the privilege of interviewing some great local directors about their intriguing and outstanding films. Wendy Schneider discussed her film The Smart Studios Story. This is a great film about a recording studio based in Madison that produced some of the most influential music of the last 20 years, including albums by Garbage, Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins. Wendy’s film has been sold out at the festival for at least two weeks, but maybe you can find a respectable scalper if you’re really dedicated!

Marc Kornblatt also joins me. As a Director’s Cut regular, he continues to prove he is a very prolific filmmaker. I don’t think Marc has ever seen a subject or topic he didn’t want to make into a film. His film Still 60 is a cleverly titled look at Marc’s age and his inability to sit still for longer than a few moments.

Kara Mulrooney’s film about psychics, jazzy@32 (a true story), is quirky and innovative, as it was shot completely over the Internet.  I’m also joined by director James Runde whose film White and Lazy offers a comedic look at ’90s slackers and will be an instant audience favorite. Finally, I spoke with Emir Cakaroz whose film Revza was shot in his native Turkey and explores his relationship with his mother. This is part two of a trilogy Cakaroz has been working on for years.

It is almost overwhelming when looking at the Wisconsin Film Festival website to see how many great films are being offered this year. This episode of Director’s Cut should probably be about three hours long to do it justice, but I guarantee you, it will be a fun and fast-paced hour. Watch online, or join us this Thursday at 7 p.m. for Director’s Cut on Wisconsin Public Television, your home for independent film.

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