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Premiering Jan. 4: ‘Latino Wisconsin’ Examines Wisconsin’s Fastest-Growing Population

January 3, 2021 Alyssa Beno Leave a Comment

PBS Wisconsin invites you to examine the impact, influence and importance of Wisconsin’s Latino population with Latino Wisconsin, a new, hour-long documentary premiering 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 4.

In five chapters, the documentary shows how the booming Latino population is reviving dying, rural communities and aging urban centers. Latinos are creating businesses and breathing new life into empty store fronts, filling empty classrooms, and developing community, cultural and educational programs that benefit entire communities.

The film was produced, written and directed by journalist Georgia Pabst, and veteran video producer Ralph Pabst. A fourth generation Mexican-American, Georgia was a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. For more than 30 years she covered the Latino community and chronicled its growth in Milwaukee and throughout the state.

The documentary examines the long history of Latinos in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, and the fights for civil rights, education and opportunities. It also uncovers the challenges they face today, including employment, poverty, education and political power.

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