Nick Jonas on WPT

March 5, 2011 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Watch Les Miserables in Concert – Live at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 6 on Wisconsin Public Television.

It’s nearly impossible to have not at least heard of the Jonas Brothers in the past few years. After the rise of Hannah Montana — and in many ways because of it — the Jonas Brothers became one of the biggest pop groups of the decade. So, what does that have to do with Wisconsin Public Television? No, they are not yet appearing on a special episode of Soundstage or Austin City Limits. Instead, it is a special celebration of the 25th anniversary of the musical Les Miserables that brings at least one of the Jonas Brothers to WPT.

Before he was a pop star, Nick Jonas performed in a number of stage plays and musicals, including the role of Gavroche in the final nine months of Les Miserables‘ original Broadway run in 2003. In this special concert from London’s O2 Arena, Jonas takes on the vocal part of Marius.

Watch this special video marketing piece that was created before these groundbreaking concerts were performed in 2010.


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