Promotional graphic for 'FRONTLINE Short Docs' featuring a vibrant yellow and red background with abstract designs. The foreground displays three portraits: a woman with long braids smiling, a young man in a monochrome film frame, and a woman with blonde hair. The backdrop includes various layered visuals like film negatives and handwritten notes in faded blue tones."

New ‘FRONTLINE Short Docs’ digital series explores critical issues impacting young adults

November 6, 2023 Alyssa Beno Leave a Comment

FRONTLINE, the PBS investigative documentary series produced at GBH in Boston, has announced the pilot season of FRONTLINE Short Docs — a new, streaming original series crafted for young adults.

The short, boldly-told documentaries explore critical issues that impact young adults and the world they live in. In-depth, yet digestible, FRONTLINE Short Docs aim to cut through the noise and misinformation often found on social media. Audiences can watch the episodes on FRONTLINE’s YouTube channel and the free PBS App.

Featuring the personal stories and experiences of young adults, these five- to 10-minute mini-documentaries help young people think deeply about the issues that shape our world today: a harrowing escape from a wildfire; a young artist facing imprisonment in Russia for protesting the war in Ukraine; an examination of how Black people’s right to vote has been suppressed in the U.S. over the years; the enduring reflections of some of the last people to survive the Holocaust as teenagers.

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