My Night as an Upstairs Guest

March 3, 2015 CLEE25 Leave a Comment

Mingling with Lady Grantham at "An Evening Inspired by Downton Abbey."

Mingling with Lady Grantham at “An Evening Inspired by Downton Abbey.”

Downton Abbey: It’s addictive, charming and … over … for now. As we begin our Downton detox and await Season 6’s 2016 premiere (Maggie Smith’s last season), you may find yourself missing your favorite Sunday night show.

We’ll each find different ways to cope with the absence of Downton. Take me, for instance. This past weekend, I dressed up in full Edwardian garb for Wisconsin Public Television’s An Evening Inspired by Downton Abbey. The event was an opportunity to revel in the Downton lifestyle for a good cause, and it distracted attendees from the grim truth that the season would come to an end the following day.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening. As adults, we get far too few opportunities to dress up and transport ourselves to a different time. The food was delectable, the company was charming and the music was incredible. Be sure to check out photos from the event.

It’s nights like An Evening Inspired by Downton Abbey that make me so proud to work for Wisconsin Public Television. Our mission is not only to offer quality content over the airwaves, but also to offer quality outreach events throughout communities, taking the time to connect with the many supporters who make our station possible.

Now that the event’s over, I’ve traded my costume for contemporary clothing, but I’ll definitely remember my Downton evening fondly. (Side note: if anyone knows how Edwardian women pulled off those hairstyles without hairspray, please let me in on the secret.)

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  • The secret was horsehair padding. The classic “pouf and topknot” style has, err, “falsies” under the visible layer of human hair to make it balloon out; without the padding, the whole thing sags and the topknot droops to the side. I used to wear my long hair in a modern topknot and wanted to soften the look to something similar to Edwardian styles so I did some research and experimentation, and it works — but good luck getting the hair in the back to cover the padding without the help of a skilled servant! Loose hairs were tamed with pomade, a.k.a. perfumed grease.

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