Meet the Faces of the Vietnam War

December 10, 2010 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Vietnam War Stories at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories LogoThe best way to learn about an event is by talking to the people who were actually there.  This is exactly what we have done to tell the story of the Vietnam War.  I worked with some of the earlier interviews in their entirety, and I can honestly say they were the most interesting, emotional and unforgettable interviews I have ever seen.

Veterans share a variety of stories starting with their first day in training and ending with life after returning home and trying to readjust. I have included two previews below to give you a small taste of the tales to come.  I hope you will share in my excitement for this amazing documentary and tune in this Sunday for the full story.



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