Journey Down Under with Several Episodes from Nature

March 16, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Fans of Nature will have noticed by now that the series has spent a lot of time Down Under over the last two seasons. When I saw that  “Survivors of the Firestorm” was back in the schedule for next Wednesday, it got me thinking about all the Australian places and animals covered in the last two seasons. Turns out it was only three episodes…I guess they had a big impact on me. Anyway, three episodes (plus one more coming in May) is a lot of content dedicated to such an isolated, parched piece of land. So much so that I’ve highlighted all the Oz-related episodes below. Click the links to visit each episode’s page on and to watch full episodes of each. Just search for the Play Button. Enjoy!

Outback Pelicans
Outback Pelicans on WPT

Survivors of the Firestorm
Survivors of the Firestorm on WPT

Kangaroo Mob
Kangaroo Mob on WPT

Cracking the Koala Code
(Stay tuned for this episode…we’re hoping to air it sometime in May)
Cracking the Koala Code on WPT


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