Join the 2018 Great Wisconsin Baking Challenge

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Bake along with Britain’s best – and add a Wisconsin twist! Share your results with each us each week to be featured on our website.

Wisconsin Public Television’s second-annual Great Wisconsin Baking Challenge launches today – Sunday, June 17! Season 5 of The Great British Baking Show premieres across the WPT viewing area 6 p.m. Sunday, June 24, and we’re once again inviting you to try your hand at the challenges from the show’s new season!

Each week during Season 5, try one of our fun baking challenges and share the results with us online. We’ll feature a variety of bakers, just like you, on the official website and right here on the blog – each week.


Whether you can build a showstopper with your eyes shut or are trying a Paul Hollywood recipe for the first time, we want to see your best attempts at greatness – even if they fall flat.

We won’t be judging your entries; we just want you to participate and have some fun in the kitchen this summer. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Last year, The Great Wisconsin Baking Challenge featured hundreds of bakes from participants across Wisconsin and around the country. One baker even joined from Australia! Incredibly, 12 “Star Bakers” joined us throughout the summer for all 10 challenges.

Check out all of last year’s challenges and entries here.

A few of our 2017 "Star Bakers," who completed all 10 challenges throughout last year's Challenge!

A few of our 2017 “Star Bakers,” who completed all 10 challenges throughout last year’s Challenge!

Now it’s time to announce the first challenge … CAKES! Here’s this week’s prompt:

We invite you to bake ONE of the following challenges …

Signature Challenge – Upside Down Cake
Traditionally, this cake is all about firm fruit, but the possibilities are endless. Don’t let this challenge turn your world upside down, no matter how intimidating Paul Hollywood’s glare might be. Pick a cake recipe, choose a bottom layer that will wind up on top (think: traditional pineapple or radical tomato), and flip!

Technical Challenge – Rum Baba
It’s time for a classic 1970s treat! In the show, the bakers used Paul Hollywood’s very own recipe, but you’re not required to do so. Regardless, the Baba does have some unique characteristics: It’s a yeasted cake filled with chantilly cream and topped with fruit. Hollywood describes Rum Baba as a cross between bread and cake; what’s not to love?

Showstopper Challenge  – Hidden Design Cake
Pssst: This cake has a secret. When you slice your cake, a hidden design or pattern should appear. We’re talking colored sponge with a mouth-dropping secret design, whether it’s a rainbow, a heart, a patriotic theme or something even more unique. This is the perfect time to hide a Wisconsin twist! Yes, this cake takes some planning, but the wow factor is well worth the effort.

Visit the website to explore more about this week’s challenge and all of the upcoming nine baking challenges, which correspond to episodes in Season 5. Each week, we’ll issue more specific instructions about the upcoming challenge and open the form to submit your story. Trust us … cakes are just the beginning!

Along with details about the baking challenge, we’ll be asking you questions about what you’ve prepared (and we’ll want to see your best photo!). Try one weekly challenge, or do them all. No matter what, we know the results will be delicious.

Now pre-heat your ovens, tie your aprons, and submit your results HERE when you’re done! Happy baking!

Be sure to invite friends and family to The Great Wisconsin Baking Challenge! Use #WisconsinBakingChallenge on social media to follow along.

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