How Rain Might Be Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay

July 1, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

It seems counter intuitive, but the recent torrential downpours that have landed on much of Wisconsin might actually be keeping those dastardly mosquitoes away. Have you noticed a decrease in the itchy bites that are usually synonymous with Wisconsin summers?

Longtime Wisconsin Gardener bug expert and UW-Extension entomologist Phil Peliterri talked to the Wisconsin State Journal about this year’s mosquito population. While the northern part of the state is seeing their usual nighttime swarms, it is actually the rain that has covered much of the rest of the state that might be keeping those bug bites at bay. Read why in today’s article by Rob Schultz.

Then, watch Peliterri talk about the ways changes in Wisconsin’s climate are affecting the kinds and amount of insects in various parts of the state in the University Place lecture below.

Watch The Bugs Have Gone Crazy – Ep. 762 on PBS. See more from University Place.

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