Genealogy Roadshow

September 20, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Genealogy Roadshow at 8 p.m. Starting Monday, Sept. 23 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Genealogy RoadshowAn interesting new twist on an old favorite.

Almost everyone is familiar with the hit show Antiques Roadshow. The concept of everyday people bringing in “junk” from their basements and attics only to find out it’s worth far more than they ever imagined has generated a lot of interest. However, that’s just family heirlooms and collectables turning into treasures over time… what if the item in question was something more? What if it was you?

Most of us have a decent idea of our lineage going back a couple of generations, but not where it all really began. Just imagine what it would be like to be able to look back hundreds of years and see how your ancestors made life work to get you to where you are today. How they made a living, where they lived and traveled and even simple things like the start of family traditions would all be fascinating to learn. Of course without a team of experts to help track everything down, I suppose the struggle comes from knowing where to start digging and what resources to use.

Who knows, maybe someday they’ll take the show on the road to a city near you.

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