Following the Republican National Convention

August 27, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Tropical Storm Isaac may have delayed the official start to the Republican National Convention, but Wisconsin Public Television and PBS made it to Tampa, Fla. on time, and we have plenty to tweet, post and broadcast. Here are the many ways that we’re keeping you informed on all the political happenings in Florida.

PBS NewsHour on WPTPBS NewsHour
You can visit for a 24/7 mulit-channel livestream. See what’s happening both in the convention hall and behind the scenes in the PBS NewsHour workspace. And watch Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff’s gavel-to-gavel coverage online or on-air beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday.
For the latest news from WPT and Wisconsin Public Radio, be sure to visit There, you’ll also find a Twitter feed with posts from several WPT and PBS reporters covering the convention. And later in the week, watch for video from reporter Zac Schultz who is at the convention.

WPT’s Zac Schultz (far left, standing) preparing for an interview at the Republican National Convention.

WPT’s Zac Schultz
Speaking of… WPT’s own reporter, Zac Schultz, landed in Tampa Sunday and all week he will be gathering stories from Wisconsin elected officials and delegates. Follow Zac on Twitter and read his daily blog posts on the Here and Now Update. He’s already hard at work. We saw him suiting up in the PBS NewsHour’s workspace. That’s him in the white shirt on the far left, just before throwing on his jacket. Send him your best @zschultzWPT



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