Finding the Right Potato Salad with PBS Food

July 31, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

I’m attending a barbecue this week, my herb garden is about to bloom and a five-pound bag of potatoes in my kitchen has been staring at me for over a week.

Yogurt Dill Potato Salad

Yogurt Dill Potato Salad

It’s time to make potato salad.
Only, I’ve never made it.

No worries, cause a Google search for “potato salad PBS” returns some interesting results, like Octopus Potato Salad. This Italian spin on potato salad comes courtesy of Lidia Bastianich. And, Ciao Italia‘s Mary Ann Esposito has a recipe for Salted Cod and Potato Salad. Both grab my attention, but neither recipe calls for the herbs I have. I keep looking.

Next, I go against my Midwest upbringing and pass over German Potato Salad opting instead to click on a recipe for Japanese Potato Salad. Too sweet for my taste. How about Yogurt Dill Potato Salad. Looks delicious all garnished with paprika and chives in the picture. But I didn’t plant chives this year. I’ll file this one for later use.

Next up. French Potato Salad. It sounds good, not as exciting as the recipe with octopus, but with parsley, basil and thyme on the ingredient list, French Potato Salad is perfect this time.

You’d think this recipe comes courtesy of the Julia Child archives, but nope, it’s from WHYY’s Friday Arts…and that’s why PBS Food is awesome. It’s filled with recipes from the show’s you’d expect to see as well as little-known cooking show’s from PBS stations across America. So next time you’re in a pinch to find a recipe, navigate to or just add “PBS” to your web search. The results are sure to inspire.

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