F. Stokes’ Small Town Black Culture Connection

February 14, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

On Jan. 28, Madison hip-hop artist F. Stokes tweeted “…Free show. Free wine. Showing my appreciation to the town who made me.” It’s all genuine. F.Stokes has a lot of love for Wisconsin and his hometown of Madison, and his latest video proves it.

The day before F. Stokes’ free show, Wisconsin Public Television got to feel some of the same love when he offered to help promote the Black Culture Connection.

Every year, Black History Month sparks a debate about the use of one month to celebrate the history and accomplishments of African Americans. The Black Culture Connection is a new initiative from PBS and public television stations across the country to celebrate black history and culture – like the music of F. Stokes – all year round.

Throughout the year, we’ll connect you to videos, articles and digital extras from across public television centered on the black experience. Get started now with F. Stokes’ 2010 performance on the 30-Minute Music Hour. And, of course, check out F. Stokes’ promo for the Black Culture Connection.

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