Explore Science and Sustainability With QUEST

November 27, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

For the past year, Wisconsin Public Television has been a proud part of a broad new coalition of public broadcasters from across the country who are creating a wide-range of journalism around the topics of science and sustainability in our communities.

That work, as part of the QUEST project, has resulted in dozens of reports online, and tonight on television in three all-new specials featuring segments that explore farming, sustainable energy projects, water conservation and more! Tune in at 7:30 on WPT to see all three programs.

In Wisconsin, we have featured a large number of online-exclusive reports that you can explore at QuestScience.org. On TV, you will be able to watch producer Andy Soth’s report on an innovative urban farming project in the city of Milwaukee. From the report, “Through Growing Power, his urban farm in Wisconsin’s largest city, the zealous Will Allen spreads a gospel of urban renewal through growing and selling fresh, healthy food in a neighborhood where nutritious options are limited. Foodies and wannabe city farmers make pilgrimages year-round to learn about his successful methods.”

You can watch this great report online now, below, or in the first half-hour of tonight’s television broadcasts!

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