Drama and comedy… must be Saturday night on WPT

September 30, 2011 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

For years, Saturday nights on WPT have been filled with drama, suspense and comedy thanks to successful British shows like Doctor Who and MI-5. While those shows are on hiatus (don’t fret, they’ll be back soon as new episodes become available to us) the drama and comedy on Saturday nights is reliable as ever.

Last week, we premiered two new programs – The romantic comedy William and Mary starring Doc Martin’s Martin Clunes, and Hustle, an action-packed drama that follows London’s elite criminals and con artists. If you missed the premieres last week, set your DVR to the Wisconsin Channel 4-8 p.m. this Saturday for the encores.

But the story this week is about two more brand new series from across the pond. First up is The Worst Week of My Life. The interesting concept behind this show is that each of it’s seven episodes account for one day of the week leading up to the wedding of main characters Howard and Mel. The show centers on the bizarre and chaotic world of Howard who consistently fails in his attempts to impress his future in-laws. The events leading up to the big day are hilarious and down right embarrassing for Howard, making them a delight for viewers.

My favorite new show coming to Saturday night, though, has to be Outnumbered. The witty and charming series follows bewildered parents Pete and Sue just trying to make it through each chaos-laden day with their rambunctious eight-year-old, precocious five-year-old and withdrawn eleven-year-old. The beauty of the show is its spontaneity, much of it, especially the dialogue between the children is completely improvised.

So whether it’s comedy or drama you want, tune to WPT Saturday nights for it all. And if Doctor Who is what you really want to see, we’ve got it covered too as we’ll be running some choice episodes from Season 4 in October.

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