Downton Abbey Marathon

March 15, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

With the recent casting buzz over Season 4, it seems fans are eager to move beyond the third season of Masterpiece “Downton Abbey.” Well we say not so fast! We certainly share your enthusiasm for the next season, but there’s plenty of time to anticipate what changes are to come. For now, let’s look back on all the highs and lows and shocking moments of Season 3 with an all-day Downton marathon.

That’s right, Sunday, March 17, we’re airing the entire third season of Masterpiece “Downton Abbey.” Beginning at noon, you can watch straight through all 7 episodes – that’s 10.5 hours of Maggie Smith double-takes!

Whether you intend to watch all 7 episodes, or just your favorite parts, why not plan a viewing party! Spread the news to your friends by sharing the the video preview below.

The Season 3 marathon is the final hurrah of our 2013 Spring Membership Drive. If you’re a fan of Downton, or any of the other great shows from Masterpiece, please consider helping us reach our pledge goal by making a donation. You can even take home Downton related merchandise, including complete DVD sets, as our way of saying thanks for supporting Wisconsin Public Television. Just click the yellow support ribbon at the top of the page. Enjoy the marathon, and thanks for watching!

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