Dive Into the World of Ducks

November 12, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Nature “An Original Duckumentary” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Ducks! An animal so awesome and capable, we made army vehicles based on them. Granted the Wisconsin Army Ducks could only tackle land and water, I like to imagine that by now they would also be able to fly if they were kept in production. Sure would make a trip to the Wisconsin Dells a lot more interesting if you could take a tour through the woods, down the river and soaring over the water parks.

It’s actually kind of surprising that more people don’t keep ducks as pets. Sure they can’t be potty trained and would make a mess everywhere, but there are plenty of other unconventional pets that are the same way and they seem to work out just fine. I even know of a family in northern Wisconsin that used to have a pet lion, and that certainly isn’t a pet you are going to share your living room with come winter.

If money and laws weren’t an issue, what would be your perfect pet?

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