Director’s Cut Puts Love to ‘The Test’

May 1, 2014 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

How can you really be sure the person you’re marrying is ‘The One?’ Find out this Friday night when I sit down with director Jeremy Saville whose film, “The Test” is featured on this week’s episode of Director’s Cut.

Actor/Director Jeremy Saville on Director's Cut from Wisconsin Public Television

Actor/Director Jeremy Saville

In addition to directing, Jeremy also plays the lead role. Let me tell you from experience this is no small feat. Saville’s character, Nathan, puts his fiancée, Julia through a series of challenges to see how she handles them and to determine if she is truly the one. See the outlandish lengths Nathan goes to in this clip from “The Test”.

While watching this film, you will laugh with Jeremy, at Jeremy and you may even find yourself wanting to wring his neck. That my friends, is the sign of an authentic indie comedy, which is exactly what “The Test” is.

The Los Angeles based Saville has a strong background in comedy, performing stand-up and sketch and he has acted in over fifty short films. His hard work led to an audition for Saturday Night Live. He has also done improv with Robin Williams and The Upright Citizens Brigade.

“The Test” is Jeremy’s first crack at the feature world, and first time director challenges aside, he and his actors appeared to have a blast. “The Test” took home the award for Best Comedy at the Fallbrook International Film Festival in 2013 and already has worldwide digital distribution.

I really enjoyed our interview and I know you will too. You will find Jeremy engaging and surprisingly happily married. Hope you can tune in and join us for the interview and the film on Director’s Cut this Friday night on Wisconsin Public Television!

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