Director’s Cut: Flaunting a New Season

April 17, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Written by Director’s Cut guest host Doug Gordon, a filmmaker whose ‘mockumentary’ “The Zombeatles” was featured on the fourth season of Director’s Cut.

Directors-Cut-LogoI’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to be a guest host for the sixth season of Director’s Cut. It’s been a great honor and I’ve loved having the chance to explore the filmmakers’ creative processes by watching their films and talking to them about their work.

Take, for example, my conversation with Simon Strikeback. Simon’s the producer of “Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance.” Simon and director Madsen Minax have created a “trans-fabulous rockumentary” that gives us a dimensional and richly-textured look at the lives of transgender and gender-variant musicians.

By exploring gender through the lens of music, “Riot Acts” opens our eyes and our minds to what it’s like for these people to live their lives. Madsen’s expert editing and Simon’s skillful interviewing combine to create an entertaining and enlightening collage of images, music and spoken words that challenges our assumptions about gender identity and raises many provocative questions.

You can watch my interview with Simon Strikeback below. It airs again Friday, April 19 at 10 p.m. followed by the full-length film “Riot Acts” on Director’s Cut Presents.

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