Director’s Cut Explores "The Price of Sand"

April 25, 2014 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

This week on Wisconsin Public Television’s Director’s Cut – Friday night at 10 – I have the pleasure of talking to Jim Tittle about his film, “The Price of Sand.” This is an insightful documentary about frac sand mining: an issue affecting areas in Western Wisconsin and Minnesota. Frac sand mining hit home with Tittle after a farm sold near his brother’s farm for three times its worth.

Tittle does a nice job explaining what frac sand is and how it is mined. The film also highlights how this issue is turning neighbors against each other. Some people are offered big money for their homes. Others, in some cases right across the street are not, and are left living with across from a mine, as well as with any potential health effects that might come with it.

Tittle is an interesting subject himself. Jim is an artist/filmmaker from St. Paul, Minn. and co-founded one of the largest alternative art galleries in the region. He started his transformation from still photo photographer to filmmaker about twenty years ago. He has worked as a director of photography, in addition to directing and producing. He dives head first into projects he’s passionate about.

“The Price of Sand,” which Tittle also narrates, is still on the film festival circuit but now you can see it right here on Wisconsin Public Television right after Director’s Cut. Watch a clip from the film below and tune in for the full project tonight. Hope you can join us!

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