July 26, 2011 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Dinosaur Night Wednesday, July 27 on Wisconsin Public Television starting at 8 p.m. with American Experience: Dinosaur Wars and followed by NOVA: Arctic Dinosaurs at 9 p.m.

DinosaursI almost forgot how awesome dinosaurs are. I mean, who didn’t love them when they were a kid? It never mattered if they were in movies, in books or just bones in a museum – they were just fascinating.

I’m almost regretting volunteering for Curious George next week at the Kids Open House, when I could be working at the Dinosaur Train table. I suppose there’s always next year…

I have to say I love when we can line up our programming like this. It’s always a disappointment when you watch something focused so strongly on a particular topic and the show comes to an end. I end up just sitting around wanting more. Not this time though. When the credits start to roll, there’s a whole nother hour of dino-action coming at you.

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