‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ Celebrates a Week of ‘Firsts’ Aug. 16-20

August 10, 2021 Becky Marburger Leave a Comment

Everyone’s favorite tiger friend invites families to watch new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Aug. 16-20 on PBS Wisconsin.

Join Daniel and his friends for a week of “firsts” in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe! Kids can follow along as Margaret celebrates her first Thank You Day, Daniel takes his first trip to the hospital and Prince Wednesday’s brother goes away to college for the first time.

Watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood at 7 a.m. on PBS Wisconsin/PBS KIDS (PBS Wisconsin-4) or at 8:30 a.m. on PBS Wisconsin. You can also stream the program online or anytime, anywhere on the free PBS KIDS App!

New Episodes

Margaret’s First Thank You Day

Monday, Aug. 16

Daniel is excited to show Margaret all the things they can do to celebrate Thank You Day at the Enchanted Garden, but plans change when Margaret gets sick.

Daniel Goes to the Hospital

Tuesday, Aug. 17

Mom and Dad Tiger prepare a nervous Daniel for his first trip to the hospital.

Prince Tuesday Goes to College/Daniel Misses Grandpere 

Wednesday, Aug. 18

Daniel and Prince Wednesday will miss playing with Prince Tuesday, who is getting ready to go to college.

Tiger Family Lunch/Dinnertime at Jodi’s

Thursday, Aug. 19

Daniel gets distracted at a picnic lunch at the playground with Mom Tiger; Daniel helps make pan pans for dinner at Jodi’s house.

O Gives Daniel Space/Daniel and Miss Elaina Bake Pretzels

Friday, Aug. 20 

Daniel needs some space when O sits too close to him at the treehouse; Miss Elaina asks Daniel for more space when they make pretzels together at the bakery.

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