Count von Count Tackles Pi to 10,000 Places

December 3, 2014 CLEE25 Leave a Comment

Have you ever wanted to listen to a 5.5-hour video of Count von Count from Sesame Street counting pi to 10,000 places? You’re in luck. YouTube creator crysknife007 has created a video that features The Count tackling all 10,000 digits of pi, with his trademark “ah ah ah” after every digit.

“Learn to count to pi with The Count from Sesame Street,” reads the video description. “This should be good for memorizing pi, driving yourself and others batty, or just irritating the daylights out of people you live around.”

Repetitive? Yes. Maddening? Yes. Worth checking out at least for a few seconds? Yes. The fact that videos like this go viral is a testament to Sesame Street’s iconic, timeless appeal. After more than 40 years on the air, Sesame Street’s muppets are still in the spotlight.  


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