Cheese for Breakfast

February 27, 2014 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

The weekend is nearly here, which means you might be thinking about brunch. Thoughts of greasy spoons and farm-to-table restaurants, omelets and pancakes might be running through your brain.

You also might be anticipating tonight’s new episode of Wisconsin Foodie. Either way, we have plenty to satisfy you. Just last Friday, host Kyle Cherek woke up early to dish on his favorite breakfast spots on The Joy Cardin Show. Listen to the interview now and hear his thoughts on keeping breakfast honest and simple, and where to find the best kielbasa and pancakes or monkey bread in Wisconsin.

Throughout the state there’s no shortage of places to eat breakfast. And, what gets classified as brunch can vary. If you’ve ever spent a Saturday morning at the Dane County Farmers Market, chances are you’ve had “brunch” underneath the golden vendor tent at Hook’s Cheese. Hook’s is know for curds and their aged cheddars (1, 5, 10, 15…even 20-year!) and happens to be featured on tonight’s new Wisconsin Foodie episode.

Join Kyle Cherek and get a little insight on aging cheddars and making blues and curds as Tony Hook takes him on a tour of this Wisconsin cheesemaking treasure. Watch on-air tonight, or online any time you’re hungry for a taste of Wisconsin.


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