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Celebrate the Week of the Young Child with PBS KIDS family activities

April 5, 2024 Tawny Morrison Leave a Comment

The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration that highlights the unique needs of young children and their families. It also recognizes the early learning professionals who meet those needs through community programs, early childhood education, family resources and beyond.

The work of early learning professionals can be demanding. That’s why PBS Wisconsin Education provides free, high-quality learning opportunities, resources and more to support their important efforts.

Celebrate the Week of the Young Child from April 6-12 with these daily themed PBS KIDS activities!

Music Monday

You don’t need an orchestra of instruments to enjoy making music with your child. Experiment with sounds and make your own “Nature Cat Band Instruments” by reusing everyday items at home!

To get started, gather a variety of materials, like recycled bottles and boxes, rubber bands, pebbles and beads. Then, lay everything on a table and invite your child to create an instrument! Need a little inspiration? Play some of their favorite PBS KIDS theme songs or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood hits!

Finally, encourage your child to test their music maker!

A mom and two children sit at a table with a carrot cake they made.

Tasty Tuesday

Following a recipe and baking together is a fun way for young children to practice everything from math and literacy skills to large and fine motor skills. Plus, you get to eat your creation!

Make this simple carrot cake recipe inspired by the PBS KIDS show Lyla in the Loop! Children can help chop, measure, mix and scoop ingredients. While your cake bakes, try Lyla’s Carrot Cake Dance to pass the time!

Visit the PBS KIDS for Parents website for the full recipe and instructions in English or Spanish.

An illustration of two cartoon wombats with the words "Toy Maker" between them.

Work Together Wednesday

A little teamwork can make challenges easier to complete! The new Work It Out Wombats Toy Maker game was designed with collaboration in mind, inviting grown-ups and children to play and problem-solve together.

In Toy Maker, players practice computational thinking skills as they build and test toys to help fill the Everything Emporium! Change sizes, colors, accessories and more to make the toy Mr. E is looking for.

Toy Maker is free to play anytime online or on the PBS KIDS Games app!

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Artsy Thursday

Creating art is a great way for children to practice problem-solving and spatial awareness, not to mention it’s just plain fun! Get out the paper and crayons and make “Doodle It Yourself Flipbooks” together!

To get started, print the flipbook template available on PBS LearningMedia, or use it as a template to make your own. Then, invite your child to draw a story or sequence of events in the boxes. Finally, cut out the pages and staple them together to complete the flipbook. Flip through the pages to see the story come to life!

Find the full instructions in English and Spanish on the PBS LearningMedia website.

Family Friday: Make a Memory Box

Commemorate a special family event, a funny story or a heartfelt moment by creating a memory box together!

First, grab a cardboard box and decorate it together. Next, invite your family to fill it with trinkets, photos, drawings or anything else that sparks memories of your special event or story. Tip: You can also make a box for the summer or a longer vacation and add items as time goes on.

Once the box is complete, your family will have a special time capsule you can open anytime! For the full instructions in English and Spanish, visit the PBS KIDS for Parents website.

For more ways to play and learn, visit the PBS Wisconsin education website.

We’ve partnered with the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association for the Week of the Young Child and beyond. For more information, visit the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association website.

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