Learning Powered by Curiosity

Like you, the PBS Wisconsin Education team believes in the joy of wonder, the value of discovery, and the thrill of a mind opening to a new idea. That’s why we’re bringing you more resources, more partnerships, and more access to the best quality learning tools around, all for free.

Early Childhood

The foundation for lifelong learning starts young, and no one does it better than PBS and PBS Wisconsin.

Classroom Education

PBS Wisconsin Education offers students, educators and parents access to the best resources, programs and interactives around.

Community Education

PBS Wisconsin works with partners around the state hosting events, screenings, and unique projects that help communities grow and thrive.

Leadership support for PBS Wisconsin’s Education work provided by:


PBS Wisconsin has been part of the educational infrastructure of the state since our beginnings, on your television, in your classroom, and in your community. Our mission is to engage and inspire you to continue to grow through learning.



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