Can Science Stop Crime?

October 16, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Crime Fighter David Pogue

Crime Fighter David Pogue

In the past couple years on Wisconsin Public Television, we’ve seen a number of shows that put into question the validity of certain forensic science practices. Notably, Frontline gave us “The Real CSI” and on Wednesday NOVA puts “Forensics on Trial.” Both offer interesting perspectives on what law enforcement is actually capable of and put in their place some of the common myths perpetuated by popular TV crime dramas.

NOVA scienceNOW, this week, also tackles forensic science and while it certainly doesn’t distance itself from the facts, the show is ready to crank up the hype machine by introducing several cutting-edge technologies that could pass for science fiction.

The question posed by host David Pogue on Wednesday, “Can Science Stop Crime?”, takes a page out of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report as Pogue is interested in not only the latest technology used to solve horrific murders, but also the science used to try to prevent crimes.

From scientists who analyze corpses for clues, to psychologists trying to understand the makings of a psychopath, NOVA scienceNOW “Can Science Stop Crime?” reveals the (future) secrets of crime prevention.

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