Andrea Bocelli in Central Park

December 1, 2011 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Great Performances: Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park at 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 2 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Andrea BocelliWhy can’t there be a Central Park somewhere in Wisconsin? Seems like maybe then we could host an event of such spectacular proportions. I suppose most people would argue that we don’t have a large enough population in any one area to create the demand and cover the costs. My response to that is – people come from all over if the performance is worth it. Notice, it’s more than Wisconsinites and people from neighboring states flocking to Summerfest every year.

I can just imagine a wonderful star-studded concert in Milwaukee… What better way to bring a community together? Especially if you get together a group of artists that are appropriate for all ages. I feel like ‘fun for the whole family’ is slowly slipping out of our society. Lets try to keep the tradition alive!

Watch Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park on PBS. See more from GREAT PERFORMANCES.

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