All-New Wisconsin Life and Around the Farm Table Coming in October

September 24, 2014 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

We have a couple great reasons to be excited here at Wisconsin Public Television!

All-new episodes of Around The Farm Table and Wisconsin Life are coming Monday, Oct. 6 at 8 and 8:30. Watch a preview with Around the Farm Table host Inga Witscher below.

You can find exclusive sneak-peeks at new Wisconsin Life segments now online here, and see an all-new episode of Around the Farm Table, with special guest Michael Perry, online here.

Mondays are Made in Wisconsin on Wisconsin Public Television.

4 thoughts on “All-New Wisconsin Life and Around the Farm Table Coming in October”

  • I love your show because it connects this generation to the land. We relax and breathe the country sounds, sights, and tastes with you. Thanks for providing this break from hectic lives.

  • I always look forward to seeing program. I have a hard time finding it on TV. Could I be e-mailed when it’s air on the date and time? I’m a farmers daughter, and I married a farmer. Our farm is over 150 years old, We have the original paper work when the farm was homesteaded. The paper was signed by Rutherford Hayes, and it is original…. The original Holters came here from Dovre Norway. The township became Dovre Township, We are called Dovre View Farms. The street (road) is named after us. “Holter Drive” but it is actually 1/2 Ave. which means we are 1/2 mile from the county line. Trees are so beautiful her. You’re always so enjoyable. Mike Perry New Auburn, EMT ambulance was here to pick up my husband when he got stepped on by a cow. Helicopter landed in our raked hay field. For a while it looked like a large amount of cotton candy. They’ll never do that again. It was memorable!

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