All-New Episodes of Wisconsin Life

April 28, 2014 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Wisconsin Character. It’s everywhere you go and in everyone you meet. It’s what differentiates the people of this state. It’s Wisconsin Life.

Join us as we celebrate the return of Wisconsin Life on WPT with four all-new episodes that continue to highlight the stories of notable Wisconsinites — from Waukesha to Washburn and everywhere in between — bringing to life the humorous, surprising and sometimes emotional tales of those who call Wisconsin home. The first episode premieres tonight at 8, with other new installments each Monday night through May 19.

Exclusive Sneak Peek! – Watch the first new episode of Wisconsin Life streaming at the end of this post.

Starting with tonight’s new episode, “Fuel Your Adventure,” you’ll meet an innovative and inspirational Milwaukee urban farmer, a yoga teacher who practices her craft floating atop gentle waters on a paddleboard, a group of daredevil Lake Michigan surfers in Sheboygan, and more.

The adventures and stories continue through May, with new features about an opera singer who uses her art to celebrate her cultural heritage, a woman who has turned her passion for chickens into a way of life, a quirky animated look at the finer points of Sheepshead, and much more.

Explore more Wisconsin Life from WPT and Wisconsin Public Radio online now.

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