A Year in a Life of a Tree

March 11, 2014 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

We are so excited to have photographer Mark Hirsch in our studios at 8:15 Sunday night to present the documentary, That Tree, about his project to photograph a majestic oak tree in a Southwestern Wisconsin corn field every day for a full year. The results – like the one below taken one year ago today – were remarkable, and helped Mark and all of us viewers see the world and our lives in new ways.

You can explore more of the images from That Tree online. You’ll be amazed to know that like so many photos online these days, all of these were taken with an iPhone. Unlike so many online photos, these wide and varied images don’t employ any graphic filters. Just what Mark’s eye and the iPhone camera captured as the tree and its valley changed and reflected the seasons of a full year.

I could expound about the power and passion behind the project, but I’ll leave that to Mark on TV tonight – and to this beautiful image from March 11, 2013.

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  • Good show. During the intermission one of the volunteers/emcees mentioned Rafe Montello. I knew him, had taken one of his cooking classes. It was only recently that I found out he had died. He was a good person, very giving to the community. So, I donated a little. I can’t afford much, being retired, but gave what I could.

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