A Ripple of Hope

August 19, 2011 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch RFK In the Land of Apartheid: A Ripple of Hope at 9 p.m. Monday, August 22 on Wisconsin Public Television.

RFK in the Land of ApartheidIt’s always nice to be reminded of some of the genuinely good things people are capable of. It’s too often you see the big “charitable” actions of politicians and celebrities that are really just for the publicity. Of course these are the ones that stand out the most because they draw the most press.

I’d love to see more of the unsung heroes highlighted in the news. More coverage of the doctors who rush around the world to help communities after a devastating natural disaster or the people who use their vacations to travel and teach children in third world countries.

Hope you’ll have the chance to sit back and enjoy this wonderful experience that chronicles Senator Kennedy’s visit to South Africa in June 1966. A trip considered to be the most important visit an American has ever made to South Africa. I’d love to take a trip out there someday, it’s been almost 50 years since Kennedy’s visit and it would be amazing to see first hand how much has changed.


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