A New Kind of TV Dinner

October 5, 2016 Jonna Mayberry Leave a Comment

There’s a lot to enjoy about October: fall is officially here, new episodes of Wisconsin Life are airing every Thursday, and a brand-new season of Around the Farm Table kicks off this Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m.

Cooler temperatures always inspire me to cook a hearty meal and spend an evening with some of my favorite shows, and I’m guessing I’m not alone. Why not explore some fall recipes inspired by some of WPT’s original series?

Beef stewed until fork tender with carrot chunks and carrot puree.

This double carrot stew recipe combines carrots, beef, onion, and red wine.

This Thursday’s episode of Wisconsin Life takes us to the Northwoods to visit a couple’s hobbit-esque glass art studio.

A trip to the Northwoods seems like the perfect time to cook up some comfort food: how about a Double Carrot Stew from PBS’s Fresh Tastes blog? Carrots, beef, onion and red wine combine to deliver bold flavor that’s perfect for a cool day.

Get the recipe here.


This Roasted Squash Cornbread has been called “the best cornbread, ever,” according to Kitchen Vignettes.

After our trip to the Northwoods, we’re off to meet Inga Witscher for the season premiere of Around the Farm Table. In the premiere, Inga will do some cooking of her own, whipping up some shiitake mushroom soup and socca – a delicious flatbread made with chickpeas – for her guests at her annual book club lunch.

Since we haven’t yet seen a smart TV that can transport Inga’s meals straight to our dinner table, we’ll have to make do on our own. Roasted Squash Cornbread from the blog Kitchen Vignettes seems like the perfect partner for our hearty stew.

Get the recipe here.

whipped ricotta with fresh berries

Whipped Ricotta With Fresh Berries from Inga Witscher’s recipe collection.

(Okay, I lied: we’re not completely on our own. Inga has been nice enough to share some of her amazing recipes on her website.  That means we might even have room for dessert.)

Hungry for more Made in Wisconsin programming? Don’t miss new episodes of Wisconsin Life and Around the Farm Table this Thursday, Oct. 6 beginning at 7 p.m.

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