A fiddling good time with Randy Sabien

July 6, 2012 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Watch the premiere of Randy Sabien and the Fiddlehead Band live from the Grand Theater in Wausau 9 p.m. Monday, July 9 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Randy Sabien might have been born in Illinois, but the acclaimed jazz violinist and music educator has become a true Wisconsinite through the years. Making his home in the Hayward area, Sabien has blended the sounds of jazz, classical melodies, rock ‘n’ roll and Western swing across his career. WPT captured Sabien in concert in Wausau with his Fiddlehead band — a talented group centered on its three-fiddle lineup. Before the broadcast premiere, watch a couple of Web extra songs from the performance below. And, hear directly from Sabien in our behind-the-scenes interview about his earliest influences, including Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel and Stéphane Grappelli, the creation of his Fiddlehead Band project and the power of music education in everybody’s lives.

6 thoughts on “A fiddling good time with Randy Sabien”

  • Dick Simpson says:

    Hi Randy, your Mom and Dad would be proud of you. It’s been a real treat following your creative path over the last 50 years. If we had only recorded the “jam session” in your basement on White Oak….
    Wishing you all the best! Dick

  • Stephen Welk says:

    I have too often missed Randy in concert either because we were living in Calif or NY. But over the years when we were at our cottage in proximity to where he lives, we had several wonderful opportunities to catch his music first hand.

    We ran into his music years ago after my father had just passed onto music heaven. He raised me on a steady dose of classical and jazz…and oh that jazz!. A very heady dose of Stephan Grappelli & Joe Venuti and the hot fiddle musicology of France. Randy has always been the icing on that cake.

    We now live in Eau Claire and I am so looking forward to hearing him live again. We just missed him by a few hours in Hayward recently…so we were ecstatic that Wisconsin Public Television ran the night with Randy in Wausau.

    Thank You

  • Ardyce Schultz says:

    This is not my type of music, although they were a talented group. Some people probably liked it immensely.
    Ardyce Schultz

  • Mark Blaskey says:

    These excerpts are better than the real thing! The sound is much better balanced that in the house that night— we could not hear the guitar or piano very well. Well done WPT!

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