Building bridges among Wisconsin's Muslim and non-Muslim communities

A collaboration of PBS Wisconsin, Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition and We Are Many – United Against Hate that was supported by the Doris Duke Foundation Building Bridges Program.

The Wisconsin Muslim Project combines multimedia projects, learning resources, and community engagement to foster critical thinking, empathy, and connections among Wisconsin’s Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Part of the Wisconsin Muslim Project Photo Gallery by Lila Aryan Photography.

Part of the Wisconsin Muslim Project Photo Gallery by Lila Aryan Photography.

Illustration of a smiling elderly man in a suit and hat, with a young girl to his left and an elderly woman wearing a headscarf to his right.

Wisconsin Biographies

Our newest resource titled, Mahmoud Othman Atta: A Mosque for Milwaukee, marks the first Palestinian American portrayal in PBS Wisconsin Education. Our inclusive production model involved Muslim illustrator Hannah Othmal and six Muslim advisors or contributors.

Wisconsin Life

Four diverse Wisconsin Life stories include women gallerists supporting Muslim artists, impactful programming at the Milwaukee Islamic Da’wah Center, a Somali liaison in Barron Area School District, and a law professor inspiring a love for learning in youth.

Family of four enjoying a walk in a forest with autumn leaves on the ground.

Photo Gallery & Community Events

Award-winning, Milwaukee-based photographer Lila Aryan created an online portrait series featuring 16 Wisconsin Muslim families enjoying life and doing the things they love. Photos from the online gallery were showcased at community events in Madison, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival.


The names of these projects — Wisconsin Biographies and Wisconsin Life — are significant. They show that Muslims are part of Wisconsin Life.

Charles Cohen



Telling Wisconsin’s history one town at a time

Part of a decades-long, innovative collaboration between PBS Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Wisconsin Hometown Stories is now one of our most-watched local productions. In spring 2023, we previewed Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Appleton with 600 community members before the statewide premiere broadcast. Learn more about supporting designated gifts for Wisconsin programming

An audience gathers to watch the premiere of Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Appelton.

Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Appleton

Starting with the Menominee Nation, and continuing with the Meskwaki people and French settlers, Appleton grew from industries powered by the Fox River.

Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Youth Media

PBS Wisconsin Education and Appleton West High School collaborated to amplify young voices through historical inquiry and storytelling.

We were really excited because this is where the learning happens for our kids. This is the most real-world, applicable thing we could ever ask of them.

Rebecca WhittleELA/History Teacher


LGBTQ+ history is Wisconsin history

A groundbreaking collaboration between PBS Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

PBS Wisconsin’s documentary, Wisconsin Pride, brings hidden LGBTQ+ stories forward and reconsiders our state’s history in that light.

A team of LGBTQ+ historians and journalists advised the project from its inception, bringing a breadth and depth of experience in preserving and interpreting the LGBTQ+ past for present day and future audiences.

Poster for the documentary Wisconsin Pride.
Poster for the documentary Wisconsin Pride.

Watch Online

Watch the documentary online and explore a collection of LGBTQ+ resources, a nearly 200-year timeline, essays and zines.

Watch EpisodesWatch Preview

Community Celebrations

PBS Wisconsin and local community partners brought together more than 1,350 community members, with free events across the state and more to come.

Overlay of a person with red-tinted sunglasses, amidst a crowd, with the phrases "LESBIANS UNITE!" and "WISCONSIN PRIDE" visible.
A composite image with a book cover titled "We've Been Here All Along: Wisconsin's Early Gay History" by R. Richard Wagner, alongside historical photographs and a portrait of a smiling man, presumably the author.

Historian Dick Wagner Inspires

Wisconsin Pride features the late Dick Wagner’s work as a historian and author. His two-volume history from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press provided invaluable guidance and inspiration for the program.


As a member of the gay community, I have always heard of gay and lesbian leaders elsewhere in the United States. It never occurred to me that there were so many amazing people in our history!


Statement to the Communities We Serve

There is no place for racism in our society. We must work together as a community to ensure we no longer teach, or tolerate it.  Read the full statement.