VR Viewer Instructions

A cardboard virtual reality (VR) viewer is a simple, low-cost tool to experience VR applications like the Shipwrecks! 360 Dive and immersive tours.

A sea green cardboard virtual reality ("VR") viewer with an illustration of diving goggles and the work Shipwrecks! overlaid

How to Set-Up Your VR Headset

Use these instructions to assemble the VR Viewer, along with the instructional videos below to enjoy Shipwrecks! The Immersive Experience in full virtual reality, tailored to your smartphone operating system.

VR Viewer Tips

  • Verify that your phone is not zoomed in.
  • Verify that your phone display is not set to turn off or go to sleep.
  • Verify that you are able to rotate your phone to a horizontal position.
  • Turn up your volume.
  • Sit down before using the headset.  If possible, sit in a swivel chair to best enjoy the experience.
  • Once in VR mode (dual-image mode), make sure that the vertical white dividing line on your device screen is lined up with the middle of the cardboard headset.

VR Viewing on a Smartphone