Victorious Blog, Episode 6: “The Engine of Change”

February 20, 2017

“Don’t talk railway at me.” -Victoria This is the sixth post of the Victorious Blog series. Click here to read the…

Victorious Blog, Episode 5: The Queens Husband

February 13, 2017

“Never mind, Duchess; not all of your arrows miss their target.” – Prince Ernest This is the fifth post of the…

Victorious Blog, Episode 4: “An Ordinary Woman”

February 6, 2017

“But you are not an ordinary woman; you are a queen.” This is the fourth post of the Victorious Blog series….

Victorious Blog, Episode 3: “The Clockwork Prince”

January 30, 2017

“I have decided to go to Windsor.” “… Windsor on a WEDNESDAY?” This is the third post of the Victorious Blog series….