Q&A: Patty Loew, The Warrior Tradition

October 23, 2019

In 2007, former Wisconsin Public Television host and producer Patty Loew, a member of the Bad River Band of Lake…

Legacy of the USS Lagarto

May 8, 2017

The USS Lagarto began its life in a Manitowoc shipyard and went down fighting in a sea battle against a Japanese convoy….

The Invisible War

May 11, 2013

Watch Independent Lens “The Invisible War” at 9 p.m. Monday, May 13 on Wisconsin Public Television. It’s difficult to imagine we…

Rise of the Drones

January 22, 2013

Watch NOVA “Rise of the Drones” at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23 on Wisconsin Public Television. There’s nothing quite like…

Team Lioness

December 14, 2011

Watch Independent Lens “Lioness” at 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16 on Wisconsin Public Television. I have to say that I…