Climate Programming on PBS

PBS’s unprecedented climate programming initiative is a bold commitment to explore environmental impacts on the country and planet through the very best in science, history and news programming. This multi-year effort is focused on how a changing climate is reshaping the planet, bringing you stories from a diversity of perspectives and connecting back to what that means for everyone living in it. Americans trust PBS and PBS Wisconsin to tell the story of our changing planet with fact-based, inspirational content that expands their point of view.

Sponsorship on PBS Wisconsin delivers reach, frequency, influence and impact. Local business sponsors receive high visibility, superior quality, corporate credibility and an uncluttered environment that ensures messages standout.

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Black and white portrait of Director of Corporate Sponsorships, Adrienne Palm

Adrienne L. Palm

Director of Corporate Sponsorships
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Julie Sternal

Director of Corporate Sponsorships
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Lisa Fichter

Director of Business Sponsorship
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