Evers signs UW construction bill that's part of diversity deal with Republican lawmakers

Gov. Tony Evers has signed a bill that authorizes spending nearly $700 million on Universities of Wisconsin campus construction projects, including a new engineering building at UW-Madison.

Associated Press

March 6, 2024

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An aerial photo shows multiple buildings of differing shapes, sizes and architectural styles in a dense urban landscape, with a few patches of green lawn and vehicles traveling on streets.

Wendt Library and Union South are seen on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus are seen on April 22, 2020. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signed a bill on March 6, 2024, that authorizes funding for a new engineering building at UW-Madison and other construction on the Universities of Wisconsin campuses. (Credit: PBS Wisconsin)

AP News

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signed a bill that authorizes spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Universities of Wisconsin construction and renovation projects.

The governor signed the bill privately on the morning of March 6. The measure is part of a deal Republican lawmakers cut with UW regents in December that limits diversity positions across the UW system in exchange for money to cover staff pay raises and construction projects.

The bill transfers $423.3 million from the state’s general fund to the capital improvement fund and authorizes $110.2 million in borrowing to build a new engineering building at UW-Madison, renovate dorms at UW-Whitewater and heating and cooling plants across the system and fund demolition work.

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