Inga Witscher holds a wedge of cheese.

You cheddar believe it: An ‘Around the Farm Table’ cheese-slicing demo

May 15, 2023 Samantha Nash Leave a Comment

Did you know that big wheels of cheese are called “truckles” before they’re turned into the small wedges that adorn expansive dairy cases across Wisconsin? (Also, did you know that grocery stores in other states only have tiny, sad cheese sections, and not massive dairy filled aisles? This may be why Illinois drivers are in such a hurry to get up north!)

If you’ve ever wondered about the tools the professionals use to trim a huge, heavenly wheel of cheddar into the bite-sized bursts of flavor that dot your charcuterie plate, Around the Farm Table host Inga Witscher demonstrates this interesting labor of love.

1 thought on “You cheddar believe it: An ‘Around the Farm Table’ cheese-slicing demo”

  • Gloria Jean Marino says:

    I’m fairly new to Madison, Wisconsin and all its dairy wonderfulness! Thank you Inga Witscher for this lovely demonstration.

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