Wisconsin Public Television Remembers Nancy Zieman

November 14, 2017 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Wisconsin Public Television is saddened by the death of Nancy Zieman, longtime host of Sewing With Nancy.

Zieman passed away at her home in Beaver Dam Tuesday morning after a long battle with cancer.

An educator, author, pattern maker, television producer, entrepreneur and innovator, Zieman inspired millions of sewing and quilting enthusiasts throughout her career. She hosted Sewing With Nancy, the longest-running sewing series on television, since 1982. The program continues to air on public television stations across the United States.

A careful, kind and generous presence, Zieman presented each of her programs in an engaging how-to format that empowered people of all skill levels to explore their own talents.

In addition to her TV program, Zieman was the founder of Nancy’s Notions, a Tacony Corporation company. Grown from her own kitchen table into a nationwide name trusted by sewers and quilters, the company offers thousands of products including sewing books, notions, videos and DVDs, fabrics and quilting products and embroidery designs through its website, retail store and Nancy’s Notions catalog.

In 2005, Zieman helped develop Quilt Expo with WPT in Madison. The event is a vibrant example of Zieman’s inspiration, now drawing more than 20,000 people from across the United States to celebrate the art and craft of quilting.

Zieman is survived by her husband, Richard, their two sons, Ted and Tom, and her beloved grandchildren.

“Nancy was an entrepreneur, a talented television host, a dear friend to so many people at Wisconsin Public Television, and a true Wisconsin treasure,” WPT’s Director of Television Jon Miskowski said. “During the time that she produced her series Sewing With Nancy with WPT, she made hundreds of hours of programs sharing her love of sewing and quilting – work that reflects the essence of Nancy’s legacy in passing the love of sewing, a passion she held very dear, on to the next generation. It was an honor for WPT to be a part of her story. We will all miss Nancy and share our condolences with her family and friends as we remember a life well-lived and a legacy that will continue to inspire for years to come.”

“I am proud to have worked with Nancy on Sewing With Nancy for more than 25 years,” Laurie Gorman, WPT’s producer of Sewing With Nancy, said. “She had the rare ability to take her passion – the love of sewing – and share it with a national audience through the medium of television. Nancy was a savvy entrepreneur, talented colleague, and dear friend. She will be greatly missed by the staff at WPT and her many viewers and fans across the country.”

Zieman’s work on Sewing With Nancy lives on in the hundreds of hours of television that she created, much of which is available online at wpt.org/SewingWithNancy as a lasting resource that is still used by sewing and quilting enthusiasts around the world.

A private funeral service will be held. Fans and friends hoping to share their memories of Nancy’s life and inspiration are welcome to leave comments at NancyZieman.com/blog. If friends, fans and viewers desire, information about suggested memorial gifts is also available at that website.

198 thoughts on “Wisconsin Public Television Remembers Nancy Zieman”

  • I am so sad to hear of Nancy’s passing. I have always enjoyed watching her on KET and have learned so much from her. Rest easy Nancy–you will be missed.

  • As the New Year approaches, I finally caught up on reading my ASG Notions where I read of Nancy’s retirement. A quick internet search yielded a notice of her passing. What I always think of first when thinking of Nancy was her Bell’s Palsy. My Grandmother, who was a lifetime seamstress, had Bell’s Palsy later in life and as a family we always linked what she went through with Nancy who we knew had experienced the same. I have followed Nancy’s programs on PBS off and on through the years, used her pivot method of pattern adjustment and encouraged onward progress with the motto of “10, 15, 20 minutes to sew.” Her farewell touched me both in her low key, matter-of-fact approach to devistating news and her faith that was so gracefully touched upon. Nancy, you have run the good race…

  • I turned on the tv this morning to listen to the news and just couldn’t take another morning of the so-called news. I noticed that Sewing With Nancy was on, and I found myself relaxed and learning something real. I had decided to break out the sewing machine and log on to site to read the news of Nancy’s death. God bless her and her family.

  • Brenda McNulty says:

    Prayers and blessings to her family. This is such a difficult time for them. I’ve been a fan on Nancy for many years and learned a great deal from her. She was a pioneer in sewing shows on TV and will be sadly missed. Her legacy will go on!

  • Amen Shar. Couldn’t agree more. There will only be one Nancy. Prayers for her family for comfort and strength. Our loss but heavens gain.

  • I’ve just learned of Nancy’s passing today as I watch her on our local public television Sewing with Nancy marathon. I will miss her very much and she’s always been such an inspiration. Many blessings to her family and friends.

  • Such a lovely woman, such a great loss.

    I learned so much from her show. And she went above and beyond by showcasing people doing great charitable work with their sewing skills. Her show was a testament to her character as well as her skills.

    My heartfelt condolences to her family.

    WPT and Create, please keep airing “Sewing with Nancy,” so she may continue to teach after she has gone. She has left a wonderful legacy in her work.

  • Thanks so much for giving us so much of Nancy today in her honor. She was such an amazing inspiring woman. It is still hard to believe she has left us.

  • What an inspiration to so many. My Saturday mornings were always enlightened by her encouragement and expertise. As I write this from my sewing room, my prayers go out to her family and friends. Thank you Nancy for sharing your teaching gift with all of us! Your legacy lives on! Bye for now.

  • Mary McNiff, Kissimmee. Fl. simmee says:

    I was heart broken when I heard that we had lost the most sincere lady on tv. Nancy came across the screen as if she was in the room with you. There were not any put ons, just a real great person. I loved the show and even watched if it was repeated in the evening. May God.Bless her now she can smile down at and watch how well we enjoyed her lessons. Will remember Nancy and the family in my nightly prayers, Keep up your strength.

  • I read the news of Nancy’s retiring; she humbled me! Nancy was my inspiration from the beginning; in watching her shows, I have learned so much! Sharing her life on Public Television, being so kind and generous… her legacy will be an inspiration to so many! God Speed to her family and friends!

  • Such a lovely person. I am so sad. Nancy was a friend I never met. She taught me a lot not only about sewing but also charity thru ending segments on her shows. My sincere and deepest sympathy to all of her family… may the love of Christ reach out to you. R I P. Nancy.

  • Jeanette Spink says:

    Amen! I learned so much from Nancy, things that I had wondered how it was done. She showed me 28 years ago & I’m so thankful for her knowledge. Nancy, you are in peace now. You are missed. Thank heaven for video knowledge, as we can continue to view your shows.

  • Since University in the 1980s, I was watching her TV shows and me too, coming from a long line of sewers, I thought that she was best at explaining the use of patterns and create new ones. What a loss! I have tons of notes from her various programs and I plan to use them during my current retirement. God Bless Nancy! Louise (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

  • I’m so saddened by this news. Thank you Nancy for inspiring a world of sewers. You will be missed but your legacy will live on forever. Condolences to your family.

  • My mother and I have watched Nancy for years, and I even work with a lady who met her at a Quilt Expo! Nancy, you were a lovely lady and will definitely be missed by so many. Your legacy will always live on, and we all love you. Bye for now…

  • Mary Anne King says:

    Today I watched Sewing for Fun. The shock of seeing “In Memory Of” really gave me a jolt. Nancy Zieman gave me such a wonderful lift with every show she shared with her public. After watching her I would go to my sewing room and work on another new idea. I have no special training but she always made me feel like a professional. Her family will miss her greatly, but, they have all their wonderful memories to live with. I only wish I could have met her in person. I certainly will try to put all her shows on a CD for future use.

  • I think I saw on your station that you are having a memorial program with Nancy’s grandaughters. Day and time please.
    Thank you.

  • Erik Andrew Pridemore from Colbert, Oklahoma says:

    We enjoyed watching Nancy Zieman on “Sewing With Nancy” for 35 years on the air, and now as the show aired its series finale after 910 shows, her passing earlier this week from cancer left us knowing how bad something had to be happening again to her. And as she is now in a better place, we will surely miss her splendid work on ‘Sewing With Nancy,” as it will only air in reruns. Thank you Nancy Zieman, and we will miss you.

  • Erik Andrew Pridemore says:

    We were sad and somber, to hear about the passing of Nancy Zieman. We have watched her show and learned lessons on how to sew, and as she has gone to a better place, we will watch her show “Sewing With Nancy” only in reruns on the web and on OETA and the Create TV Channel. We love you Nancy Zieman, and we’ll miss her as she is now in her great stage in the sky.

  • It’s been sorrow & sadness ever since I read her letter in the Guild Magazine….It was a Good by letter…She got her affairs in order, came to Resolve, and expressed her Faith. Nancy was more than talented in sewing. She shared herself genuinely with us viewers…and we felt as if we were in the presence of a Friend. Deepest condolences to her family…

  • The first thing my husband said when he heard of the passing of Nancy was, ” Honey that lady that does your sewing show passed away, what are you going to do now”? Nancy has been my Saturday ritual for years.. she has inspired me to sew better by the week, for that I will be forever grateful.. So every Saturday please accept my blessings that I will remember a wonderful person that I will miss dealy. With greatest sympathy from our family to yours.

  • What an unimaginable shock and loss! I am so sad! We will all miss you Nancy!! I am beyond words. Makes a person stop and realize life is very precious and valuable! Appreciate everything and treasure those around you! Rest In Peace dear Nancy! Heaven is lucky to have you!

  • What an unimaginable shock and loss! I am so sad! We will all miss you Nancy!! I am beyond words! Makes a person stop and realize life is very precious and valuable! Appreciate every little thing and treasure those around you! Rest In Peace dear Nancy! Heaven is lucky to have you!

  • I, too, taped her shows, but for 17 years I got up to watch them. She taught so much more than sewing techniques and projects! Kindness, inspiration, confidence, wonderful ways to give.

  • I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing so soon after her recent announcement. I started my mornings with her, along with my coffee. I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person and wish that I could’ve thanked her for her contribution to the sewing/quilting community. She truly was an inspiration. Thank you, Nancy, and to your family for sharing her with us all these years. Your legacy will live on in all of us who gathered around to soak up the knowledge and passion you helped to create for all of us. God bless you and your family.

  • The hearts of multitudes who sew and quilt are sad to hear that Nancy has passed away. She was a true inspiration as a teacher and as a woman who walked through life with dignity and grace. We are blessed that her legacy will live on in the lessons she has left behind. Wouldn’t be surprised if she has not already set up a quilting class for the angels in Heaven.

  • C’est une grande dame qui nous a quittée . j’aimé beaucoup c’est vidéo et sa passion. Qu’elle repose en paix .
    Sincères condoléances à toute sa famille . Anneb (France)

  • Sue in Rockford, IL says:

    Sending my donation to WPT in Nancy’s memory. Watching her show got me hooked on all the other PBS shows. My mother in Fargo and I compared notes each week on our PBS stations. We both loved watching her show each week and were so lucky to attend the taping of the 30th Anniversary show in the Madison PBS studio together.

  • I am so sad, just finding out about this. Nancy was truly a special gifted & beautiful lady ….She left much too soon. I watched her show for years . She was a gifted teacher, creating anything to do with sewing…..Never be anyone like her again. I still can’t believe she has gone. Prayers to all her family. I feel she has just graduated to Heaven – she was so truly special . (Atlanta GA)

  • I can say she was a excellent teacher. Wonderful to watch and all types of sewing and quilting and she had away that made you able to do it perfect everytime. My condoleses to her beloved family and thank you for sharing her with us.

  • Diane M Zimmerman says:

    She was an inspiration not only with her creativity in development of better processes for fashion sewing, but she had a compassionate heart that helped to inspire many of us to sew for those in need and gave us a connectedness beyond the telecasts. Thank you WPT for carrying this treasure for 25 years. Now it’s up to us to continue the work she started and to bring sewing to the next generation and the next… Praying for her family as they walk through this time of loss.

  • Janice Lauzon from Alberta, Canada says:

    As many other have said I watched Nancy’s shows faithfully for as long as they were shown on our local PBS Network. She was a great teacher making everything possible if you followed her guidance. My condolences to all of her family and colleagues – I will remember the dates – she was born the same year as I was and passed away on what would have been my mother’s 100th birthday. Alberta is a long way from Wisconsin but “through the magic of television” it felt like we were friends.

  • Carol Johnson says:

    Nancy made every part of sewing easy and doable. When I had young children, I looked to her for inspiration. As my skills grew, I found new ideas and enjoyed following her guests’ presentations on their websites. She was always a classy lady with a mix of warmth and ability. I will truly miss her.

  • I can’t believe it… I watch her show every Saturday, and learned how to quilt partly with her help!!! Dear Nancy, rest in peace.

  • Sally Ingraham says:

    I am heartbroken by the news of Nancy’s passing. I have watched her shows since the beginning and feel as though I have lost a personal friend. I can’t imagine the feelings of loss her family and friends are experiencing. Blessings to you all.

  • Constance Morris says:

    My heart is filled with sadness and love for Nancy. Such a precious Lady whom I have admired for years. She has left footprint on my heart , I will treasure forever. I know she is with the Lord, receiving Her Reward for all she has given us. Much love to her family, close friends and staff. Prayers’

  • Nancy was one of a kind!! Talented beyond words and a terrific business woman and also kind to everyone. She will certainly be missed by all.

  • Maggierose Copple says:

    I am crying. I will miss her so much. I loved her shows and here generous, kind loving spirit ☆She was a wonderful inspiraling for the world.

  • I loved to watch Nancy Zieman on PBS. She was a person who loved her craft and interaction with other sewers. Without her, I doubt the sewing/craft industry would be what it is today. Martha Stewart, as gifted as she is, was no match for Nancy Zieman! Nancy just excelled in explaining and teaching the sewing craft with a talent that made sewing appealing to so many, even if you had never sewn before. Due to her love of sewing, and with unsurpassed skills, Nancy could hold your interest for 30 minutes each week and make it feel like anybody could master the sewing craft. Via PBS, each week she was a welcomed guest in my home, and my sewing buddy. I would clear my schedule, grab my coffee to watch every minute of “Sewing With Nancy”. Though I never personally met her, I know she was a wonderful person whom I & so many others will miss terribly. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. May God comfort you at this time of loss.

  • Mattie P. Carter says:

    I enjoyed Nancy’s show and simple love of sewing and sharing with others. Yes she will be missed, but each time I look at or in one of her books, or use one of her techniques, I will remember her and her smile. God bless her family for sharing her with all of us. She is one of my sewing & quilting Icons.

  • Kathleen from Australia says:

    Everything I know about machine embroidery and most of what I know about quilting I learned from Nancy.

    Her books are my bible. Vale Nancy! you will be sadly missed. Rest in peace.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting her once, and what a wonderful women. I was impressed – I went to her store in Wisconsin (I’m from Connecticut) Loved every minute of it. I hope she’s gathering all the seamstress in heaven and having one heck of a sew-a-thon!

  • Joan Maddox London Ontario Canada says:

    It is a pleasure to share Nancy’s passion for sewing and quilting. Technology will help her tout live on for her fans

  • Veronika Badger says:

    I am so very sorry to hear about Nancy’s passing. My condolences to the family. I never met Nancy, but I sent her a letter once, and she answered me! I was so thrilled. I used to sew a little, then I watched Nancy, and I really learned to sew, now I am also a quilter.
    Thank you Nancy, rest in peace.

  • Carolyn Anderson says:

    So sad for all of us, and especially Nancy’s family. My heart breaks and your tears are my tears! Somehow I hope you can see all the great comments the sewing people of the world have for you! There will never be anyone who can replace you and what you have done for all of us ! Thank you, dear Nancy. Carolyn Anderson

  • celia gayle gwaltney says:

    I miss her already. I am very saddened by her death. My heart goes out to her husband Richard and her sons Ted and Tom. Blessing to the family as they must go on without her. she was my inspiration and a large part of my sewing room. I will miss her greatly. I feel like she was my best friend. She can not be replaced. loveGayle Gwaltney of NC

  • Thanks Nancy for all your generosity…..I have watched your program from the very beginning!! I’LL miss you! My condolences to the Zieman family. By for now.

  • Peggy K Martin says:

    Nancy was such a wonderful role model for women everywhere because of her “I can do it” attitude turning her love of sewing and quilting into multiple businesses in a positive manner. For that I will forever be a fan.

  • Coming two times a year for vacation (I am from the Netherlands) in the USA I found Nancy´s show on television. Everytime we are in the USA I am still watching Nancy´s program. Love it so much and I learned so much from her. Today through Facebook I see the news that Nancy passed away. I am very sad to hear of her passing. Rest in peace Nancy and thank you for everything. For the entire family and friends my deepest sympathy.

  • I am so sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing. I started watching Sewing With Nancy in the 1980’s when I was home with four children under the age of five. I tried to grab sewing time any way I could and Nancy inspired me to keep at it. With her tips and helpful hints, I started making pajamas, shorts and tops for my children. Over the years I have evolved into a passionate seamstress, quilter. and devoted fan. I will miss her shows and her signature “Bye for now” .

  • Bernadette Harrington says:

    So sad, but glad she is not having to endure anymore of the pains that cancer brings, I loved watching her show, so did my daughter and we learned so much from her, she was always patient and kind, a true teacher, and like stated above Nancy is a true Wisconsin Treasure…… thank you Nancy for sharing your gifts with so many of us, we will miss you so much but know your not far away…. my sympathy to her family and I pray for God to hold them close with love during this time of their loss.

  • Joan Wojciechowski says:

    While Nancy has left us physically, she has left a wonderful legacy. I know deep in my soul that she is at rest in the peace of the Lord.

  • So heart broken. I enjoyed “Sewing with Nancy” from the beginning of her t.v. program. Met her once, she was so delightful and sweet. Because of her, my sewing was elevated to a higher level. I even lined a jacket following her method. My mom was so impressed. I made most of my clothes and also my daughters. The prom dresses were a challenge with fitting, Nancy to the rescue. She will be so missed. Prayers to her family.

  • Nancy, you will remain part of my sewing life till we meet again. Am praying for the family and friends. She taught me and so many orhers to sew and she will be missed greatly. Being handicapped, she was an inspiration to me over the years of watching her on the television and video’s. You were a very special person in my sewing walk. Thank you.

  • Rest in peace Nancy. Dear family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. She had a gift she shared and I followed her videos.
    I pray that you may feel the comfort of the Lord in the coming days.
    Gloria in Iowa

  • Kathy from North Dakota says:

    I thank God for using Nancy Zieman to inspire and teach us! Thank you to her family for sharing her with us! She had a gift and used it well…it seemed as through you were right there with her in each sewing segment!

  • Barbie St. Aubin says:

    I remember watching those first shows in the early 80’s with my mom. I had just begun my college education. My mom was now an empty nester looking for a creative outlet. Nancy showed my mom the joy of quilting through those programs. Now many quilts later and an empty nester myself have also received much inspiration from Nancy. Nancy will continue to inspire many though her example of a determined, caring, creative lady. Nancy will be held in high esteem in the hearts of her family, friends and fans all over the world. Thank you Nancy Zimman! Rest in peace.

  • Janet Pasinski says:

    So sad, Rest In Peace, Nancy, you will be greatly missed. I learned most of my sewing skills from her, even though I never met her, but felt like she was one of the family. My prayers go out to Nancy and her family. She truly is an angel.

  • Melissa Todora says:

    Heartfelt condolences to her family and close friends. She was and will be an inspiration to all sewers for years to come. Her book Fitting Finess changed the way I sew for myself. I will be forever grateful to her.

  • Janice Brewer says:

    Nancy Zieman will be very missed in my sewing room as I have watched her since the beginning and have many of her books. She taught me so much. I am so sad to hear of her passing.
    Janice from Southeastern WI & Will County IL

  • So very sad to hear this news. I always enjoy watching Nancy’s videos and I learn something from her every time I see one. What a talented and generous person she was. We are so fortunate she shared her love and knowledge of sewing with us. My heartfelt condolences to her family. May you find some peace at this sad time knowing that Nancy was loved and respected by so many and she will be missed by all of us.

  • Rest in Peace, Nancy.
    To Richard, Ted, Tom and the entire family our sincerest sympathy. You are in my prayers.

    Nancy inspired so many with her teaching skills, bringing in the future educators, and the finale of every show, as she encouraged others to share what they were doing to teach the world. What an amazing woman.

  • I am in tears as I write this farewell. Nancy you are finally free of pain and the angels in heaven were excited to greet such a wonderful lady. You taught me so much and I am so glad that I got to meet you and take a photo with you. Our photo will hang in my sewing area forever. My condolences to your family, coworkers and friends. I will miss her so much. Thank goodness that we have videos and programs we can watch to get our dose of Nancy. Our prayers are with your family. Bye for now.

  • I can remember watching Nancy, off and on, for almost as far back as her show started. She was always a welcomed ‘guest’ in my home and seemed so gracious and kind. I learned a lot from her, over the years, and not all of it pertaining to sewing or quilting! I can honestly say that I will miss her, although I know her program will remain on the air for some time to come. That’s the beauty of recordings! We get to keep a little part of her with us, and that will be a comfort to some.

    We will miss you, Nancy, and send our thoughts and prayers to your family and friends, so they may find the strength. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and may God bless!

  • Cynthia Schlosser says:

    I really enjoyed Nancy’s show and products. My heart was very saddened by her passing , and tears were shed. My prayers were given for this kind soul, and peace to her family. I, like many others have never been privlidged to meet her, but felt I knew her for many years. Peace and love to Mancy and her family.???

  • Carolyn Dixon says:

    I have followed Nancy for years and will continue to enjoy her enthusiasm for her craft through her reruns on PBS. She will be dearly missed. Love and prayers to all.

  • Bonita J. Klinger says:

    Nancy was a beautiful person. She will be greatly missed. My condolences to her family. She is soaring with the angels now. Rest In Peace.

  • I was so sad to learn that Nancy had passed away she has touched millions of people and shared her knowledge and love of sewing her show has been part of my weekend for years I will miss her and I will pray for her family.

  • Sylvia Summers says:

    Yes, I agree totally with all y’all’s sentiments ? Missing you Nancy & praying for your family. Thank you for your beautiful & encouraging, informative teaching legacy. ❤️Sylvia from Texas

  • Claudia Helgemo says:

    I have great memories of Nancy Zieman and her programs on public television in Milwaukee, WI when I was a young mom making clothes for my children and me. I bought some of her books and used them often, referring to them even now as a grandma and quilter/clothing alterations and repairs. I ordered from and visited her store. I am so thankful for her place in advancing fiber arts to those of us that needed more education after home economics. Public television gave us a place to learn when we could not afford to take classes in a retail store. THANK YOU, NANCY. God bless your family and friends left behind.

  • Sadness fills my heart. Nancy will always be in my fondest memories, she taught me how to sew, quilt, and how to use my imagination for my fabric and thread creations. Her shows were that important to me. May her memory carry on for many generations to come!

  • Jo Ann Eznack says:

    My heart is at a loss for words with her passing…like so many others, we will greatly miss her and her knowledge she so graciously shared. God Bless.

  • I am not a sewer, but I record “Sewing with Nancy” on a regular basis and enjoy each show I watch. Her knowledge, passion, and creativity are the reason I watch. My thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time.

  • I am truly saddened to hear of Nancy Zieman’s passing. I started my lifetime love of sewing because of her. She will be missed by millions, but her talent will live on for forever in all that followed her.

  • Prayers to the family. She inspired me to no end. Made everything look easy and doable. I have watched her for many years and had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of years ago at the Expo.
    Nancy Taylor

  • Debra Tullier says:

    My sympathies are with her family. I think of all the Sewing with Nancy and how much she kept the art alive. She taught me so much, the
    sewing world will miss her so!

  • Cassandra Young says:

    So sorry to hear about Nancy’s passing, I enjoy watching her and learning new ideas on sewing. She will be sadly missed.

  • Tove Sondergaard says:

    RIP Nancy – my thoughts are with her family and friends right now. Nancy Zieman had a profound influence on me during many hard periods of my life. I would watch her shows and feel that I had a kindred spirit out there somewhere and that she knew what would cheer me up and bring me back again. From correct collars to vibrant quilts the human kindness and initiative behind all the sewing programs were clear. We have indeed lost a grand dame.

  • Audrey Wright says:

    I feel like I lost a friend after watching Nancy’s shows for so many years. I will truly miss sharing Sat. mornings with her. My prayers to her family and friends. “Nancy, I will miss you. As you always said…By for now.”

  • Thank you for sharing your dear Nancy with thousands of women, men and children who also loved fabric and sewing and creating. She will live on in every creation of clothing and quilting. Our hearts break with yours.

  • My condolences to each of Nancy’s family, closest friends, and her many millions of acquaintances through PBS, TV, and Internet exposure over the years. She was my companion through so many of my projects, and although I was a Designer, Seamstress, Craftsperson, Business Owner, her input and suggestion was insightful and nearly always enlightening! What a Gift she was in my Life. Thank You Nancy, and Rest In Peace until we meet at Heaven’s Gate.

  • I am so very sad. I started watching her almost from the beginning. Not only was she a talented seamstress, she was also very brave for being on television with her bells palsy facial aftereffects. For that I felt like she was a heroine to me.

  • Carol Shockey says:

    Sadness does not begin to describe my feelings of this great loss. She shared a tremendous talent in a most gracious way. I pray her legacy will live on for generations to come. My heartfelt condolences to her family.

  • I truly loved Nancy, but never met her. She was a class act on her “sewing with Nancy” show and I watched it faithfully. She will be so missed.

  • Linda Grienke says:

    So sad to hear of Nancy’s passing. I did not know her personally but felt I did through her shows. She will be missed. My condolences to all the family.

  • Virginia Severns says:

    I posyed a comment on tje mzin.screen. i eill miss her. I learned much from her and her friendly talk on each show made each very nice to watch. I will miss her and eatch her reruns on Sat on the local PBS and twice ln Tuesday each week and sometimes other.days on the 2ocal PBS stations.

  • I am so sad to hear of Nancy’s passing! The quilting/sewing world has lost a great leader! My prayers are with her family. Her suffering is over on this earth, may she rest in peace!

  • Christine Vincent says:

    She wrote me years ago as we both got our sons at same time. Not flesh of our flesh or bone of our bone. Still miraculously all our own. The didn’t grow under our hearts but in them. I hope the store stays going. Prayers family and Fri e nds

  • I had the privilege of meeting Nancy at Pfaff convention in Las Vegas many years ago. She was a kind and talented lady who will be sorely missed not only by family and friends but all of us who watched her TV shows and used her books. She was an amazing woman.

  • So sad to hear of her passing. I began watching her programs when I was in high school. Used what I learned from her programs with my grandma’s help to make my own prom dress. Was the first garment I made . Sending prayers of peace and comfort to her family. She will be missed.

  • Catherine Wiggins says:

    The sewing world has lost a great friend and champion. I have started almost every Saturday morning with her for more years than I can count. She has inspired us not only to sew, but to reach out and sew for others. RIP.

  • So sorry to hear that Nancy has passed. She was so young. I loved watching her programs and have bought many items from her catalog. I feel that I have lost a friend.
    Prayers for her family.

  • One Saturday in the mid 1990’s when I was sick and lying on the couch, I discovered Nancy’s show. I hadn’t sewed in years and never quilted. That day was a turning point in my life and I’ve never looked back. I watched every time I could and was thrilled when we got a TV that I could save her shows. Thanks to Nancy I used quilting and sewing to get through some hard times. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  • So sad to hear of Nancy’s passing. I felt as thou I knew her in person, when I just watched her shows over so many years. Prayers to her family and friends. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  • To all of Ms. Nancy’s family and friends, yes our hearts are sadden but remember she has no more pain. She left so much for us to remember her by. What great life of lessons gave us.We may never have learned them if not For Ms. Nancy.
    Friends in between tears Joy do cometh.

  • Susan Bradberry says:

    My condolences to Nancy’s family and her extended family. It was through Nancy’s programs that I met her, never was fortunate enough to meet her in person. She was a huge inspiration to me and I know she was to others. As once said by a great man “Thanks for the memories.”

  • Frela Summerlin says:

    I am so sorry to lose her, she was an inspiration to me and so many others. She was an excellent teacher regardless of what she was teaching. She was my favorite and will be greatly missed. I read her book and realized what struggles she had as a child. Heaven is blessed with a new angel. My condolences to her family.

  • My thoughts & prayers are with Nancy’s family. Just couldn’t help but ❤️ this awesome lady. You are now in God’s arms, pain free and at rest. I’m so sorry!

  • I watched Nancy for many many years. I didn’t get the honor to met her but she helped me with many 4-H sewing projects as well as Home Ec. homework too! The heavens are getting one creative woman!

  • You brought joy into so many lives. Because of you I am enjoying my retirement and creating many keepsakes for my children and grandchildren. I hope you family finds peace knowing how many lives you touched.

  • Connie Barber says:

    My thoughts and prayers for Nancy’s family during this difficult time. Nancy sure taught me lots from her shows.
    You will be missed.

  • Nancy’s passing is a great loss to everyone and she will be missed. She continues to be an inspiration to all through her television shows. A great lady!!!!!

  • My Mom and I watched her every week. We learned so many ways to make our sewing better and sometimes easier than we thought. Mom recorded her shows for a long time. She will be missed. Thank you Nancy for helping so many seamstress enjoy our sewing. My prayers and sympathy to her family

  • She was so humble, yet she lifted us all by being such an inspired person. No one has ever been cut out of the same cloth as her! What a treasure.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I have watch Nancy since she has started she will be sadly missed. Happy she is out of pain and now in a good place.

  • My thoughts and prayers to the family. Nancy seemed like one of my family even though I never met her. I have learned so much from her “Sewing With Nancy” programs. May the Lord comfort and give strength to the family.
    Psalm 121

  • Violet Anderson says:

    Thank you Nancy, and condolences to everyone at PBS, I can’t believe I am crying. You were my first “video” or TV instructor for sewing, and I was so amazed at all the tips and instructions you have shown me in my life and I am 60! I have some of her books and watched her on PBS and l looked up videos on You Tube to figure something out. She was such an inspiration to me and I feel like I have lost a real friend today.

  • Ella L Williams says:

    I am so saddened by the passing of Nancy. I did not know her personally, but felt she was a friend and mentor to me. We are all so blessed that she shared her knowledge and talent with the world. I have watched her for many years and will continue to do so. My prayers are with her family during this time. Thank you, Nancy, for everything you have taught me. May you rest in Heaven. Bye, for now.

  • Nancy, you had the gift of teaching that you used well. Teaching us all how to sew better as well as the truths of Christ in Sunday school and by your life. You were able to explain these in an easy to understand manner, making some of the hard to understand concepts simple. I shall miss your smile and your kindness and compassion. It is not goodbye, but as you said at the end of every show, Bye for now. For we shall meet again. Your forever friend and coworker


  • I am very saddened to hear the news about Nancy. She gave me the confidence to try new things and inspired my love of sewing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and Nancy thank you so much for your love of sewing.

  • I am so deeply saddened by Nancy’s passing. She really inspired me to sew. Our prayers go out to her husband and sons. Also grandchildren. I have my TV set to record when her programs come on. She will be surely missed.

  • Patricia Walsh says:

    Yes she will be missed so very much. when I read this about her passing my heart stopped. Will miss her so much. Rest I peace Nancy and Good bless you for all you have done for all of your followers. God be with your family through this hard time.
    Patricia from Texas.

  • My thoughts and prayers for Nancy’s family and friends during this difficult time. She was such an inspiration to me and others, I never had the opportunity to meet her but I have watched her shows since the early 80’s, I am just heartbroken.

  • There are few words in times like this. My sewing career has been greatly enhanced by the passion and can do spirit Nancy so readily poured out! Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I am deeply saddened to learn of her passing. Rest in Peace Nancy!

  • So sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing, watched and taped her show every Saturday morning, learned so much from her, she will be missed, RIP dear Nancy.

  • OMG my condolences to her family. Because of Nancy is why I started quilting. I’m really going to miss her. She became part of my family watching her on TV. RIP Nancy.

  • Nancy has been a part of my sewing experiences since she first came on the public scene. What a courageous women she has been. She will be greatly missed. I will be praying for her husband and family.
    Thank you Nancy for giving of yourself!

  • So sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing. She was a lovely lady and I enjoyed watching her show on PBS every week. She will be sadly missed.

  • My heart is broken. She taught me so much though her shows on PBS. You just knew she was a kind and caring person. She will be missed so much.

  • The sewing world and I cannot thank Nancy enough for her contribution to making the world a better place. Heaven has a new resident for sure. Nancy I will always love you and remember all of the times we were at events together.My heart hurts so badly. Praying for her beloved family.

  • Oh nooooo….I’ve watched her for so many years! What a shame for this wonderful, talented lady and her family to have to suffer with cancer! Thanks for all her years of informing and sharing of her talents and others!

  • Ann Marie Wilson says:

    I will always remember her. I have her book of her life. My mom and I used to watch her shows together. My prayers are with her famoly. She will be missed so much.

  • I am so saddened by this. I have never met her, but she was so open and friendly in her shows that I felt she was a friend and would be over for coffee, sharing of ideas and more. Cherish every day…

  • Jeanne M Cameron says:

    She was to sewing as Julia Child was for cooking, she took the fear and mystery out of it and made me feel I could make my own clothes and I did. Although I didn’t make many of my own I did make some that I was confident wearing because of the techniques she shared.
    God bless her and her family, thank you PBS for believing that her talents were of value and should be shared.

  • So sad that she has left us. I watched her shows everyday when I got off from work. I would race home thru the traffic so I would not miss her programs.

  • Laura Halvorson says:

    Nancy’s passing is the loss of a dear friend that you got to visit with every week. Her show taught me to much about quilting. I can’t thank her enough. Rest well dear lady. Bye for now❤️

  • Rest in peace Nancy Zieman. I have never met you in person but faithfully watched all of your programs. You are a beautiful soul. You have influenced my enjoyment of all things sewing since I was a teenager to the seamstress I am today. My heartfelt condolences to the Zieman family.

  • I am deeply saddened…… she was an inspiration to so many… and was the Kickstart for me in sewing and quilting…. never met her but so adored her,,,, RIP Nancy……

  • Prayers for her family. I will miss seeing Nancy on TV. I learned a lot from watching her shows. She has been an inspiration to me and many more. I’m a cancer survivor and I pray some day it will no longer take a life. RIP Nancy. You will not be forgotten.

  • Darrilyn Matsuki says:

    My heart is broken. But I know of Nancy’s faith, so she is with Jesus. (I will see you again one day.)
    Millions of us will never forget her.

  • I am so very sorry to hear about Nancy’s passing. She was an inspiration to women everywhere both in her business and TV success but also in her determination not to let her physical problems stop her. My condolences to her family.

  • My heart is so heavy. I’m in tears. I felt a kinship to a woman I never met but felt like I knew because of faithfully watching her for over 25 years. Heaven just became a little more colorful. Rest dear friend ?

  • Because of your sewing program. I decided to go to design school, I came from a long line of sewer, and I thanks Nancy for teaching me so many things. God Bless you Nancy , you, will be making heavenly clothes now. You mean so much to me.

  • I can’t wait to watch Sewing With Nancy every Saturday Morning. I know she will be missing by so many sewing fans, especially me.

  • I am so sad to hear of Nacy’s passing…..I have had the pleasure of meeting her several times at Quilt Expos…..she was a very talented and respected artist!
    She wax so friendly to all she meant…..
    I will miss her greatly as will so many others.
    Rest In Peace Nancy! Your suffering is over and now we all will suffer not seeing you ? at events…….
    When I need a Nancy fix, I will go to “Sewing with Nancy” reruns…

  • Deborah Melton says:

    Such a beautiful person Nancy Zieman was her whole life through. So talented and knowledgable she shared so much with so many.

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