What We Watch: Kayleigh Steinback, Audience Services Manager

March 20, 2018 Jonna Mayberry Leave a Comment

Kayleigh Steinback leads Audience Services at Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio. If viewers have questions, or if staff members request surveys about our programs, Kayleigh’s team is there – and at our many events, too! For the April issue of our member program guide, Airwaves, we caught up with Kayleigh to learn more about her top public television picks.

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Can you tell me a little about what your work is like on a daily basis?
Oh gosh! Every day is different it seems.  At the core, I am here to support my team in Audience Services.  They do such a wonderful job of answering our viewer’s questions and solving membership issues when needed, but sometimes I jump in if we have a large number of calls and emails or if there is a particularly difficult problem that needs solving.

When I’m not helping in that area, I am putting together many of the surveys we send out after premieres of new programs, compiling data, and helping out at events. I also sometimes work on special projects when needed.  I’m sure there is more I’m forgetting, so it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a jack of all trades.

What is your favorite part of your job at WPT?
I would have to say my favorite part of my job is getting to hear and see the feedback from our viewers.  We love warm fuzzies! Everyone here is so passionate about what we do, being able to give quality programming to everyone in our state, so it’s heartening to know that our viewers are as passionate as we are. I feel more like our viewers are part of our WPT family with every story and compliment we get.

If you had to pick, what are your favorite PBS shows – and why?
I grew up watching WPT on Saturday nights with my mom. Keeping Up Appearances was always a favorite of ours, and to this day, we have moments of quoting Hyacinth Bucket! Currently, though,  I absolutely LOVE The Durrells in Corfu.  I was so bummed when this season was over, I had to go out and start buying books about the real Durrells to tide me over until the next season. I’m also a huge fan of NOVA and American Experience.  I just watched American Experience: Into the Amazon recently and was absolutely fascinated by Teddy Roosevelt’s experience in the Amazon!

And what are your must-watch WPT shows?
It’s so difficult to choose just a few. I enjoy all of our programs! I would have to say 30-Minute Music Hour is a big one for me.  It’s so great to see such talented musicians, many of whom are in our own backyard.  I also really like University Place. The life-long learner in me is always fascinated by the wide range of topics and I always walk away feeling more well-rounded and knowledgeable. Of course, I can’t forget about Wisconsin Life! I have planned so many road trips around our state thanks to this show, and having host Angela Fitzgerald to show us around Wisconsin has been a great addition to the production.

Finally, what’s your favorite thing about public television?
My favorite thing about public television is that it is for everyone! We have the ability to touch so many lives in so many different ways.  It’s an awesome responsibility, but it is so rewarding to know that it brings people together. I have seen – and been part of – interactions with complete strangers who find they love the same shows or saw the same program and it opens a dialogue that may otherwise have never happened.  By the end of the conversation, it’s like they have been friends for ages.

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  • laurie graboski bauer says:

    Hi Kayleigh!
    It was so nice seeing you when I opened up the April edition of Airwaves! I think I remember you wearing a Big Top Chautauqua T shirt as a young girl. Glad to see you have stayed with WPT and WPR. I couldn’t live without either. Hope life is treating you well and hello to your Mother.
    Laurie Graboski Bauer
    Your old Girl Scout Leader!

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