Victorious Blog, Season 2: The Luxury of Conscience

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Sadly, “The Luxury of Conscience” is already the second-to-last episode of the season. Time flies when you’re watching Victoria!

In this episode, we saw Victoria and Albert face their worst nightmare as parents. Plus, Peel took on the ultimate battle in Parliament, and we unexpectedly said goodbye to some of our favorite characters. (Again.)

If you’ve already watched Sunday’s episode, you can read the recap below. If you still need to catch up, watch the full episode online anytime here. And don’t forget that you can use WPT Passport to  go all the way back to the beginning!

Parliament Problems

Much of the episode centered around Sir Robert Peel’s quest to repeal the Corn Laws, which restricted the quantity of foreign grain that could come into England. The laws pushed up the price of bread, thereby protecting the profits of landowners and farmers.

Albert is so supportive of Peel’s efforts to repeal the laws that he even visits Parliament to show his support, despite Victoria’s orders to stay away. Unfortunately, he is immediately spotted by the crowd, and Peel is laughed at for needing a royal babysitter. Albert decides to leave, and to punch a wall on his way out.

After the crowd stops jeering about the Albert fiasco – and after a great deal of arguing and grumbling from both sides – an apparent miracle occurs: “The ayes have it!” The Corn Laws are repealed!

Unfortunately for Peel, this victory marks the end of his career, as there’s no way his party will forgive him.

But that’s not the only sad thing to come out of this victory: We also have to say goodbye to Drummond.

Love Lost

Yes, after the last episode gave us the much-anticipated Drummond/Alfred kiss – and this episode gave us hope for a future between the two – our hopes are dashed when Drummond is shot by an assassin targeting Peel. Drummond literally throws himself in front of Peel to save him. (And in case you were wondering: Drummond’s death is all based on fact.)

While Drummond’s death is hard on everyone at the palace, it’s particularly heartbreaking to watch how Drummond’s death affects Alfred. Because, while Alfred was in love with Drummond, he cannot show his true feelings at the funeral.

As the Duchess of Buccleuch says: In everyone else’s eyes, the true mourners are Drummond’s fiancé and parents. But the Duchess does a great job of breaking the news to Alfred in the kindest possible way, proving once again that she actually does have a heart.

And just when you thought we’ve experienced all the heartbreak we could experience in one episode: Prepare yourself for Ernest and Harriet.

Early in the episode, Ernest visits the doctor again and receives great news: It appears that all of his syphilis symptoms have disappeared, and the doctor gives him the green light to marry if he wishes!

So, of course, Ernest is overjoyed, and prepares to propose to Harriet. He asks her to meet him after dinner. At this point, she knows what’s coming and she’s pretty giggly about it.

Ernest settles into a hot bath to prepare for his proposal. While he’s in the tub, he takes a little time to sing some upbeat German songs. Once all the singing is done, Brody brings Ernest a towel, but as Ernest stands up, Brody looks shocked.

Yes, Ernest’s symptoms have returned, this time manifesting as a rash on his back. NOOO!

So Brody goes out to greet Harriet and tell her that Ernest will not be showing up tonight because he’s “indisposed,” which is quite a cold message for Harriet to receive. At this point, it’s hard to hold out hope that these two will ever get together. But miracles have happened in this show before.

Margaret Clunie as Duchess Harriet Sutherland and David Oakes as Prince Ernest (C) ITV Plc

Luckily, amidst all this love chaos, it appears we have one small glimmer of hope: Francatelli and Skerrett’s romance seems to be going swimmingly! Maybe it doesn’t make up for all of the devastation above, but hey, it’s something.

Goodbye, Lehzen; hello, Pony

Throughout the episode, Victoria and Albert struggle with one of their most difficult parenting challenges yet: An ill child.

Little Vicky comes down with a terrible fever (was it the draft from the window? the diet of sauerkraut and pickled herring?). As the parents wait for Vicky’s fever to break, their stress and worry is palpable, and tensions are high.

Albert feels that Lehzen is getting between him and Victoria. In all honesty, you can’t really blame him. Lehzen obviously loves Victoria very much, but her loyalty to Victoria means that she gets mad at Albert any time he disagrees with Victoria – and she often overrides Albert’s wishes when it comes to little Vicky.

Things finally reach a boiling point, so Albert gives Victoria an ultimatum: It’s either him or Lehzen. That’s not an easy choice, but we all know that there’s no way Victoria’s going to part with Albert, so Victoria sends Lehzen away.

This whole plot line is based on fact, according to PBS.

The Baroness and Albert had never liked one another, but when Princess Victoria fell ill, and Lehzen’s chosen doctor, Sir James Clark, failed to correctly diagnose and treat her, Albert held her, and by extension, the Queen, responsible for Vicky’s severe decline. After a serious argument, Lehzen was sent back to Germany.

But don’t worry; the Palace will not get lonely. Why? Because Uncle Leopold is back, much to Albert’s dismay.

Pro tip: If someone’s annoyed at you, do not gift them a gold-framed picture of yourself. It will not be well received. (I wish Leopold would have gotten that memo.)

But by the end of the episode, it seems like Victoria and Albert are less peeved at Leopold. Maybe the pony helped. Just maybe.

At the end of the day, as we’ve found so many times before, Victoria and Albert’s bond is rock solid. Despite their mutual stubbornness, Victoria calling him a “nanny goat” and the constant meddling from outsiders, they’re unshakable.

What are your predictions for the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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