Top 5 Most-Watched Videos From Wisconsin Life’s Fifth Season

March 12, 2018 Ian Lewitz Leave a Comment

Season five of Wisconsin Life produced some of our most memorable stories yet. On our Facebook page, we had over 137,000 views from our top five most-viewed stories alone. In celebration of the completion of season five, we’ve compiled our top five most-watched stories:

Featured image: Ryan Ward, Wisconsin Life producer, editor and videographer, on-location during the filming of the School Bus Deer Stand segment. 


Oshkosh artist Jon Wos uses art as an exploration of his life’s journey. Wos was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. Using art as both a form of therapy and a celebration of life, Wos began painting self-portraits in college. He is now a professional artist who works in a variety of mediums including portrait work and stained glass.

School Bus Deer Stand

Jesse Kauffman of Springbrook has always been a little different. His love of hunting and sheer ingenuity resulted in something only he could have envisioned:  Wisconsin’s first – and only – school bus deer stand.


Earl Holzman found a way to make a living and build a family business around one of the most interesting instruments we’ve ever seen or heard. For Holzman, building nyckelharpas, a traditional Swedish folk instrument, began as a way to keep busy. Eventually he traveled to Sweden to study with a master nyckelharpa builder. Upon returning home, he quit his job as a civil engineer and began building them full time.

Turtle Clan Art

Turtle Clan artist Mark Fischer tells the stories of his Oneida Nation ancestry through copper statues. The son of a pipe fitter and the grandson of a blacksmith, Fischer grew up using welding as a creative outlet. The Milwaukee native is a member of the Turtle Clan, the poets, artists and prophets of the Oneida Nation.

Yodeling Bar Owner

93-year-old Cindy Piotrowski is not only the owner of Piotrowski’s Bar in Jump River, she’s also the entertainment. She has been performing all her life and isn’t stopping anytime soon.  Her famous six-sided harmonica, piano playing and yodeling has been bringing in customers since the 1960’s.

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