Pots filled with flowers and other vegetation soaking in the sun on an apartment balcony.

Start a small space garden

July 2, 2024 Mike Devine Leave a Comment

No back yard? Limited lawn space? No problem.

You can garden anywhere — regardless of space constraints — with these tips from PBS Wisconsin and our 2025 Garden and Landscape Expo partner, UW-Madison Extension Horticulture.

Caricature of Sigrid Peterson with a garden container and pumpkin with a crow on top of it and 'Let's Grow Stuff' written in upper left-hand corner.

From planning to planting a balcony garden | Let’s Grow Stuff

PBS Wisconsin’s online content editor Sigrid Peterson — a gardener, budding grower and blog contributor for our digital gardening series, Let’s Grow Stuff — shares some of the gardening techniques, insights, how-tos and hacks she learned as a newbie urban gardener, using containers to transform a small apartment balcony in Madison into a green(er) space begetting good eats (veggies)!

Johanna Oosterwyk, UW-Madison Horticulture Greenhouse Manager, presents during the Garden Expo from a brown podium in front of a blue background.

Vertical Agriculture | University Place

In this University Place presentation from the 2023 Garden and Landscape Expo, teaching, learning and tech manager at the D.C. Smith Greenhouse in the department of horticulture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Johanna Oosterwyk looks at the promise of vertical farming — growing crops anytime, anywhere — and explores when it is the right tool for the job.

Title slide of The Wisconsin Gardener series with a headshot of the host and images of flowers in the background

Urban gardening | The Wisconsin Gardener

Explore the farmers market, a safe place that focuses on community, nutrition and friendship, then take a look at urban beekeeping.

Green garden is planted along a fence.

Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin: Foundations in Gardening

Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin: Foundations in Gardening is an online introductory course where you learn key concepts for selecting, growing and maintaining plants — from trees to vegetables and everything in between! Registration for the fall 2024 course opens July 15!

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