PBS Wisconsin Recognizes Dads’ Many Attributes

June 8, 2021 Becky Marburger Leave a Comment

“What do sprinters eat before a race? Nothing, they fast.

“Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work.

Dad jokes like these sure can make a person smile, just like the individual who delivers the classic one-liners. Not only do dads provide humor to their children’s lives, they also model devotion, ingenuity, kindness, perseverance and much more.

Learn about the origins of Father’s Day and celebrate dads’ many attributes with this selection of clips and short videos from PBS Wisconsin.

All About The Holidays – Father’s Day

The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day, a day we celebrate dads and all they do for their children! Learn about the origins of the event with this short video.

Nature: Primates

No matter what the species, dads sometimes have to put up with a lot. Male silverback mountain gorillas, who have a fearsome reputation, don’t always get the respect they deserve. Watch this short video to see the special relationship between a father gorilla and his young.

Nature: Primates

For a tiny golden-headed lion tamarin mother, pregnancy and birth take a huge toll. Observe this tamarin dad shoulder the burden of responsibility and take care of the young.

PBS Short Film Festival: To Infinity

Watch as a dying father helps his young daughter carry out an imaginary mission into space in order to reunite her with her mother, which leads to an unimaginable revelation.

POV Story Corps Shorts: Double Major

Wil Smith enrolled as a freshman at Bowdoin College at the age of 27 with his infant daughter, Olivia, in tow. As a teenager, Olivia sat down with her dad to hear more about their days as college roommates. Learn about Wil’s dedication and sacrifice for his daughter.

Wisconsin Life: Fine Print – Lessons From a Family Company

paper print shop

Running a family business can instill pride and a valuable work ethic that circulates through the household. Listen as Wisconsin writer Nancy Jorgensen shares a story about her father, Quentin Smirl, and growing up around his printing business, Lithoprint Company in Waukesha. She says it had a lasting impact on future generations of the family.

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